His leadership and his championing led to two very important changes which I can honestly say would not have happened so rapidly had it not been for his work. The union of disgraced former MP Charlie Elphicke the so-called 'naughty Tory' and his wife Natalie, both 50, certainly appeared to be the latter: a volcanic denouement which exposed Elphicke's infidelity, subjected Natalie to intense public humiliation and ended in a two-year prison sentence for Elphicke after he was convicted for sexually assaulting two vulnerable young women. [18][19] For this role she earned 21,000 from May to November 2020 and earned 3,000 per month from January 2021 to April 2022 for approximately 8 hrs work per week. ', When asked what message she would send to her daughter, Mrs Pears breaks down in sobs, and pleads: 'Please contact me. "Naughty Tory" Elphicke . Inderdeep Bains for the Daily Mail, 'Are the British going to shoot migrants?' [63], During the second reading of the Growth and Infrastructure Bill in the House of Commons on 5 November,[64] Elphicke reiterated the rates of tax paid to HMRC by some US multinationals. GitHub export from English Wikipedia. [18], Elphicke welcomed the announcement of the building of the new Buckland Hospital at Dover, as "it would save long journeys to hospitals in other parts of Kent". This was "unacceptable, unethical and irresponsible". Axing tax breaks, simplification, a 10p business tax rate and international tax reform can and would make our tax system fairer and more competitive. [3][35] After his conviction in July 2020 for sexual assault, she announced that they had separated after a 25-year marriage. [80] In March 2021, after he lost his appeal, however, she was reported as having ended the marriage.[96]. She said that to his face, then walked out. [93], A campaign to present Elphicke as a victim was joined by several individuals, including the parliamentary whips who rescinded his suspension in December 2018, and his wife, Natalie (see below). On this Wikipedia the language links are at the top of the page across from the article title. Speaking for the first time, she insists Elphicke, who is married to her daughter, Natalie, has 'always been a sexual predator'. RING The Sun on 0207 782 4104 or WHATSAPP on 07423720250 or . British Conservative politician and convicted sex offender, Multinational Company Tax Avoidance Campaign, "Ex-MP Charlie Elphicke jailed for sexual assault now claiming universal credit", "Shamed ex-Tory Charlie Elphicke freed from prison after serving half of sentence", "Law firm apologises for handling of allegations against Charlie Elphicke", "Brown's tax increases hit family incomes", "Political career started with a hole in the ceiling", "UKPollingReport Election Guide 2010 " St Albans", "ConservativeHome's Seats & Candidates blog: Charlie Elphicke selected for Dover", "Tory Candidate Sails Past Labour in Dover", "Pippa Norris Shared Dataset:May 2010 British General Election Constituency results", "Charlie Elphicke Parliamentary career", "Steve Hilton and senior Downing Street aides 'appalled' by deadweight of Whitehall, MPs say in report", "BCS announces winners of the 2010 MP Web Awards", "Dover's new community hospital gets go-ahead", "The new Buckland Hospital opens in Dover", "Conservative party's 301 radicals seek to shake up 1922 status quo", "Life after Dave approaches, and the 1922 Committee elections give us a glimpse of what it might look like Telegraph Blogs", "Blow for David Cameron as key loyalist fails to win seat on 1922 committee", "Christian group makes legal appeal for charity status", "Churches not necessarily for public good, says charity watchdog", "Charity Commission is anti-religion, says Tory MP", "Elphicke's new job to keep an eye on Europe", "Charlie Elphicke MP, Dover TheyWorkForYou", "Dover MP Charlie Elphicke abstains from Brexit vote", "Theresa May: We're on course to deliver Brexit despite vote", "Thousands stranded overnight as terror fears prompt extra security at Dover", "MP calls for new Sea Marshal force to protect British ferry passengers", "Irish people travelling to UK after no-deal Brexit will be able to buy duty free tobacco and alcohol", "Charlie Elphicke: Diesel drivers deserve a fair deal | Conservative Home", "These are the 21 MPs who just voted against LGBT-inclusive sex and relationship education", "Draft Relationships Education, Relationships and Sex Education and Health Education (England) Regulations 2019 CommonsVotes", "Boost for Dover 'people's port' as government announces new rules", "Blue Labour, Maurice Glasman and the fight for the "People's Port", "Stephen Hammond speech:The future of the Port of Dover", "Dover port and community 'to work together', "People's Port at Port of Dover set to introduce new plans", "Plan for Dover unlocks bright future for historic port and town", "Potent drug fentanyl has claimed 60 lives in less than a year", "Mum's joy over tighter guidelines on drug which killed son", "Death drug dealers to get more time behind bars thanks to Deal mum's campaign", "Tory MPs call for action to avert post-Brexit ports gridlock", "Pro-Brexit Conservatives say EU owes 10bn to UK", "MP criticises Coventry soldier child custody case judge", "Queen's Speech 2012 at-a-glance: Bill-by-bill", "Warring parents 'play the system' to deny access, minister says", "Foreign companies 'avoid billions in corporation tax', "Apple pays less than 2pc tax on overseas profits", "Foreign firms could owe UK11bn in unpaid taxes", "House of Commons Hansard Debates Index for 5 November 2012", "Starbucks UK tax bill comes under scrutiny", "UK and Germany take on corporate tax dodgers", "George Osborne threatens big business with global tax crackdown", "G20 leaders call for clampdown on multinational tax avoidance", "House of Commons Hansard Debates for 7 Jan 2013 (pt 0003)", "Oracle, Dell, CSC, Xerox, Symantec accused of paying ZERO UK tax:MPs reel off more 'unethical' titans 'avoiding bills on industrial scale', "Don't yell at Google. [4] He was summoned back to magistrates court for non-payment of the 35,000 costs order awarded at his original trial; he claimed to be unable to pay, stating that I have no job, I have no career, I am long-term unemployed, and that he was living in a rented one bedroom flat and claiming Universal Credit. The Pearses live quietly, having moved from Kent to a farmhouse on the edge of the Lincolnshire Wolds where Julia runs Bully Rescue a charity looking after and rehoming rescue dogs. [12] The review entitled From statutory provider to Housing Delivery Enabler: Review into the local authority role in housing supply was published on 27 January 2015. [34], In August 2017 Elphicke organised a letter to be sent by 40 MPs to the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond, calling for the return of duty-free sales once the UK leaves the EU. Regardless, on the wedding day itself, both toasted the couple to a long and happy life together. His wife, Natalie Elphicke, immediately defended him, asserting that the manner of his suspension was a threat to British values and an injustice. Chisom: Chisom means God follows me. 'I told Julia he would get caught sooner or later. 'You have to look at what the victims went through. Others explode with a bang, inflicting irreparable damage on all parties, despite any love that may once have existed. Mrs Pears, who runs Bully Rescue, a charity that looks after and rehomes rescue dogs, and Les, a retired trucker, lead a life far from Westminster intrigue or Belgravia excess, tucked away in a farmhouse on the Lincolnshire Wolds. She apologised for her actions. 'When she got elected [as an MP in 2019], I sent her a big bouquet of flowers from the florist and I said how proud I was. The 49-year-old declared himself a "naughty. [89] Days later, however, she announced her support for him once again, saying he had been punished for being "charming, wealthy, charismatic and successful attractive, and attracted to, women" and dismissed the claims of his accusers. The allegations have emerged just days after former Tory MP Charlie Elphicke had been found guilty of sexual assault and is now awaiting sentencing. There's no doubt that Mrs Pears is all the more heartbroken because her daughter had made such a success of her life. His crimes were 'nonsense'. [2][3], Prior to the her parliamentary career, Elphicke specialised in housing finance and conservative policy development. The line wa [28] She was criticised for the tweets by the SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford and Scottish Green MSP Ross Greer as they coincided with a day that Christians traditionally celebrate the story of Jesus being born after Mary and Joseph had been offered refuge in a stable. And while Natalie has said she has filed for divorce, it seems she has not ruled out a future reconciliation, stating that they will 'make arrangements to reflect this' after his entire sentence period is complete. 'He didn't like the way I was mopping that was all it was, and it's just example of his controlling behaviour. Her mother, however, feels precisely the opposite: that her son-in-law should have been locked up for at least five years. It was in this Belgravia townhouse in 2007 that Elphicke's downfall began: he found himself alone there with a woman in her 30s, while Natalie was away on a business trip and their two young children including their son, who was only a few months old were asleep upstairs. He faces jail when sentenced next month. Elphicke assaulted a Parliamentary worker. Eagle River review. 'He believes that because he was a lawyer, the other side are not as good as him. The 49-year-old, who called himself a "naughty. But in a recent newspaper interview Natalie showed little sign of the kind of awakening her mother is desperate for. [53] Finally he published 'The Withdrawal of the UK from the EU Analysis of Potential Financial Liabilities', with the assistance of Martin Howe QC, on behalf of the European Research Group. 'He was trying to put his mouth on my mouth. 'It was just awful': Natalie Elphicke MP describes how 'naughty Tory' husband Charlie's assault allegations led to her 10-year-old son losing friends and her daughter's A-level results suffer Mother and daughter were once very close, but they have not spoken for almost ten years after Mrs Pears challenged Elphicke about his behaviour. 'He is someone who has abused women and I feel like he has used his position [as a politician]. [33], In August 2016, Elphicke called for light naval forces including the Royal Marines to prevent cross-channel people-trafficking. At the 2001 general election Elphicke was not elected, with the incumbent Labour candidate holding the seat with a swing from the Conservatives of 0.7% compared to a swing of 1.7% to the Conservatives nationally, the Liberal Democrat vote falling by 3.1%. He was first elected as Conservative MP for Dover at the 2010 general election and served as a government whip and Lord Commissioner of the Treasury from 2015 to 2016. 'After all of those years, when I looked after the children and gave up my own career, Charles stopped me seeing my grandchildren,' she says, visibly moved. 'He just basically jumped on me,' the woman said. . For Mrs Pears has the misfortune to count disgraced former Conservative MP Charlie Elphicke the self-proclaimed 'Naughty Tory' as a son-in-law. 'It has broken my heart that I don't see Natalie,' says Mrs Pears. [43] Other Conservatives see Elphicke's proposal as a method of populist privatisation. [26][27], On Christmas Day 2021, Elphicke tweeted in a thread that although she supported helping "those in need" that it was "vital" that "the treacherous small boats crossings" were brought to an end. [72] Debating the issue in The Observer, Helen Lewis suggested the MPs' objectives were to stop charities criticising the government,[73] whilst The Times said that guidelines had changed in the last decade, and some objectives previously deemed political were now accepted as charitable. Unisex names are common in the English-speaking world, especially in the United States. [67][68], In a debate on corporate tax avoidance on 7 January 2013,[69] MPs highlighted companies which accept UK government contracts but pay little or no tax. THE wife of disgraced ex-MP Charlie Elphicke has laid bare the emotional toll her husband's trial and conviction for sexual assaults has taken on their two children. For Charles, it was all political all the time. During his trial, the court heard how Elphicke's daughter has cut all ties with her father, and also lost her place at an Oxbridge university after her grades faltered. [60], Elphicke investigated tax avoidance by American multinational companies and showed (October 2012) that some multinational companies, making billions of pounds of profit in the UK, were paying an effective UK tax rate of only 3 per cent. Gender Preference Think Charlie 203k is a pretty masculine baby name? However, an application to disclose the names of these MPs has been blocked by the defence barrister, who claims the reports contain private information. Inicio; Servicios. [76], In August 2016, ahead of intergovernmental discussions with the French possibly involving the Le Touquet Agreement Elphicke advised ministers to remember that France had genuine concerns about terrorism and that both countries should concentrate on getting a long-term solution to problems rather than "threatening tit for tat". Before he was elected as an MP in 2010, Elphicke was a partner in a law firm, and a local councillor. [23][24] She later apologised for her remarks saying: "I regret messaging privately a rash reaction about Marcus Rashford's missed penalty and apologise to him for any suggestion that he is not fully focused on his football". He's very keen I try to go down and maybe into the Conservative office to try to see her. Elphicke described the campaign as shamefully political and an abuse of taxpayers' money. 'It was a lavish affair and Charles wanted every possible connection there. We are no longer accepting comments on this article. 'He lost his temper, started shouting at me, his face was in my face and I was really scared,' she says. [15], During his time on the Public Administration Committee, it called for ministers to accelerate civil service reform. This was the chance for Natalie to get free of the domination of Charles,' said Mrs Pears, a former head teacher and one-time town mayor, speaking exclusively to the Mail this week. Just make taxes lower, simpler and fit for the internet age", "Oxfam: MPs shocked by 'disgraceful' political campaigning", "Is the latest Oxfam advertisement too political? The union of disgraced former MP Charlie Elphicke the so-called 'naughty Tory' and his wife Natalie, both 50, certainly appeared to be the latter: a volcanic denouement which exposed Elphicke's infidelity, subjected Natalie to intense public humiliation and ended in a two-year prison sentence for Elphicke after he was convicted . She says he consistently behaved inappropriately' from the 'very beginning' of his marriage to Natalie in 1995 talking about porn in front of them, for example, then claiming he was just being 'naughty'. [61] He followed this by calling on George Osborne, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, to force the companies, which included Google, Coca-Cola and Apple Inc,[62] to have to state the effective rate of tax they paid on their UK revenues, and suggested that government contracts could be withheld from multinationals who do not pay their fair share of UK tax. I just don't know if it's Charlotte trying to reach out to me. 'I was absolutely terrified of him . Meeting woman No. [20][21][22], Following England's defeat in the UEFA Euro 2020 Final, Elphicke was criticised for a private message in which she asked if it would be "ungenerous to suggest" that striker Marcus Rashford, campaigner for free school meals, "should have spent more time perfecting his game and less time playing politics". [citation needed], In November 2010, Elphicke was named the overall winner at the British Computer Society's MP Web Awards[17] which "recognise MPs who have embraced web technologies, and are using them to engage effectively with their constituents". Boris Johnson is preparing for power as he awaits the widely expected confirmation that he has defeated Jeremy Hunt in the battle to become the UK's next prime minister. Published: 22:00 GMT, 2 October 2020 | Updated: 22:00 GMT, 2 October 2020, Though Natalie, Elphicke's successor as MP for Dover and Deal, announced she was divorcing him after he was found guilty in July, she spoke out in his favour last month, claiming he had not had a fair trial, and supported his immediate appeal against his sentence. Following an initial report due by the end of January, the scheme was due to run until May 2017, with reports being submitted to the MPs Gavin Barwell, Minister of State for Housing and Planning and Stephen Hammond MP, chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Infrastructure. They are encouraged to bring expert witnesses into the court room in order to explain how this drug operates, and how a tiny quantity of it can have the potency of heroin or cocaine in a larger quantity. Mr Elphicke, the former Tory MP for Dover, was jailed for two years in 2020 for sexually assaulting two women. No one can doubt the depth of Natalie's love for Elphicke immediately after his conviction, the former finance lawyer said she felt 'profound sorrow', adding: 'It ends my 25-year marriage to the only man I have ever loved.'. The house was full of people but he was unabashed at being discovered. [70][bettersourceneeded], On 24 May 2013 Elphicke wrote an article for The Daily Telegraph concluding: "Amazon, Google and Starbucks are just the very small tip of a very, very large iceberg. [30] He contributed to the Conservative Government's first defeat over key Brexit legislation in December 2017, when he abstained in the vote on Dominic Grieve's amendment requiring Parliament to have a vote on the final deal relating to the UK departing the European Union. Mrs Pears has tried to reach out to her daughter in the hope of reconciling their relationship. Disgraced former Conservative MP Charlie Elphicke has been jailed for two years after being convicted of three sexual assaults on two younger women. [15] He became PPS to Iain Duncan Smith, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, in 2014. She and four other MPs (Sir Roger Gale, Theresa Villiers, Adam Holloway and Bob Stewart) were obliged to apologise or be suspended from the Commons for improperly trying to influence a judge, when they had signed a letter on parliamentary notepaper to the Lord Chief Justice pressing Mrs Justice Whipple not to disclose character statements in his trial at Southwark. Ifechukwu. [volume] (Eagle River, Wis.) 1890-1927, July 02, 1920, Image 8, brought to you by Wisconsin Historical Society, and the National Digital Newspaper Program. Not so shipshape! [11] It involved canvassing the views of over 400 organisations up and down the country. We had always been very close and we went to buy her wedding dress together.'. ', One option she has considered is to make the journey from her home to Kent in the hope of seeing Natalie. Elphicke is appealing. Charlie Elphicke's wife Natalie, the MP for Dover, supported him during the trial Natalie Elphicke, the current Conservative MP for Dover, ended the couple's 25-year marriage after his conviction. Best city for single blonde women in michigan should i get her number in the gym reddit. [4] She led the Conservative Policy Forum when it was launched in 2011. One can see how, perhaps, a wife with almost saintly forbearance might feel she is helping to rehabilitate a troubled husband by getting him back on his feet. Last month Elphicke, 49, was jailed for two years for sexually assaulting two vulnerable young women and branded a 'sexual predator' by a judge. [13], Elphicke was selected as the Conservative candidate for the Dover constituency on 8 November 2019. I am honestly very scared of him.'. He published 'Ready on Day One' which called for:[54][53] resilient roads to the Channel Ports, efficient processing of customs controls, a new Entente Cordiale to extend the Le Touquet Treaty to cover customs co-operation and build a new era of deeper co-operation with France, a Brexit Infrastructure Bill and one government at the border to ensure order. Ministers are said to be drawing up proposals which would see people arriving illegally in the UK sent abroad for processing and resettlement. It is her grandchildren about who Mrs Pears thinks the most: while Natalie and her son-in-law pursued their careers, she happily stepped in to care for them until Elphicke, she says, prevented her from doing so, following their furious confrontation over his behaviour. More than this, she fears that serving 'just half a sentence' will only empower Elphicke, giving him confidence to continue 'in his old ways'. [8] The report also showed that inequality in income had "barely changed" since 19961997, though a Treasury spokesman pointed out that the UK continued "to top global investment league tables".[8]. Though Natalie, Elphicke's successor as MP for Dover and Deal, announced she was divorcing him after he was found guilty in July, she spoke out in his favour last month, claiming he had not had a fair trial, and supported his immediate appeal against his sentence. And I picked up my bag and left.'. 'I don't think he should be returning. Her voice cracking, she says: 'Charlotte has the same birthday as me, so on my birthday I always think about her. 02:27 EST 18 Sep 2021. Whether it be at professional, social or family occasions, Mrs Pears insists Elphicke has 'always been a predator'. Prior to the her parliamentary career, Elphicke specialised in housing finance and conservative policy development. 'He just thought it was a laugh,' he went on. [53] This paper claimed that there was no legal or moral case for the UK to pay a divorce bill to the EU; instead the EU could owe the UK 10 billion for its share of the European Investment Bank. Many of the leading companies (including Starbucks,[65] Google and Amazon.com) have been called to give evidence over this issue, most recently raised by Elphicke, in front of the Public Accounts Select Committee in November 2012. Complaining about his 'unhappy marriage', Elphicke plied her with champagne, after which he kissed and groped her. He had no respect for me and would abuse me like that.'. Grammar school-educated Natalie studied law at the University of Kent before becoming a successful finance lawyer, winning an OBE in 2015 for her services to the housing industry. 'He pushed me down by my shoulders, he had his knee between my legs and he was groping my breast. DISGRACED ex-Tory MP Charlie Elphicke was today jailed for just two years despite being branded a "predator" for sex assaults on women. [5], Before being elected to Parliament, he was a partner at the law firm Reed Smith (20012005) and a tax partner at Hunton & Williams (20062010). Throughout his trial, Elphicke painted a picture of himself as lovestruck, or merely chancing his luck by 'propositioning' the women. of Joseph Hamilton, long known as the City Hotel. She left in 2013 to found Million Homes, Million Lives, with Calum Mercer, a former finance director at Circle Housing. Ifeoma; Female given name. 'I don't think he's personable to women, he's a predator. The former Conservative MP Charlie Elphicke has been sentenced to two years in prison after being found guilty of three counts of sexual assault against two women. 5. . It wasn't what I'd describe as a peck. 'But when we went in, it was a Church of England church, not a Catholic one. [3] He served half of his term and was released in September 2021 from an open prison in Gloucestershire. I miss her desperately.'. 3, he said, led to a situation where he 'lost his head' after becoming besotted by the 'amazing' younger woman's 'vitality and smile'. Charles Brett Anthony Elphicke (born 14 March 1971) is a British former politician, former solicitor and convicted sex offender. The comments below have been moderated in advance. Woman describes alleged sexual assault by Charlie Elphicke Mr Elphicke was elected as MP for Dover in 2010 and held the seat until standing down at the general election in December 2019 - his . 'I was hoping she would go off on her own, particularly when she said at the court that was it, she was divorcing him. Anglo-French war of words over Channel grows as RNLI brings 104 people into the UK after rescue and people smugglers take advantage of three-day heatwave to get 1,542 across, 'Naughty Tory' Charlie Elphicke walks free from jail after serving half his two-year jail term for sexually assaulting two women, Pavement where disabled woman gestured at cyclist before fatal crash, Wheel of Fortune contestant answers food puzzle wrong, Incredible footage of Ukrainian soldiers fighting Russians in Bakhmut, Pro-Ukrainian drone lands on Russian spy planes exposing location, 'Buster is next!' Items included a stay at a luxury hotel which cost over 3,000 and a staff reward scheme which cost 32,100. It would be a fresh start for her betrayed daughter, who had dutifully arrived at court each day, hand in hand with her husband, choosing to sit in a quiet room rather than listen to the mortifying evidence in court before dramatically announcing she was leaving Elphicke moments after the verdict. 'He was always very flirty with other women and would try to turn it into a joke. 'I just so hope she has no wish to be with him. [95] Natalie Elphicke was present throughout his sexual assault trial. Inderdeep Bains for the Daily Mail [27], On 15 October 2012, Downing Street announced Elphicke's appointment as Parliamentary Private Secretary (PPS) to Minister for Europe David Lidington. [14] Upon his election, Elphicke served as a member of the Public Administration Select Committee (which scrutinises the civil service) and the Joint Committee on Consolidation Bills. . [31][32], She supported Penny Mordaunt in the JulySeptember 2022 Conservative Party leadership election. The workplace, whether it's the House of Commons or wherever it is, should be safe.'. The guest list, she says, was crammed with contacts, much in keeping with her son-in-law's habit of using every family event as a political or business opportunity. [16] In one investigation, Elphicke looked at Ordnance Survey (OS) expenses for 20072010 totalling 8.7 million. [34] The couple have a son and a daughter. Her only desire is to see her daughter move on with a new life without her husband. He did not stand for re-election at the 2019 general election and was succeeded by his wife, Natalie Elphicke. 'He considers these women inferior to him. SHAMED Charlie Elphicke's ex-wife has slammed his two-year jail term for sex attacks on women as an "excessive sentence" this afternoon - despite leaving him over them. [33], She married Charlie Elphicke in 1995; he is the former Conservative Party MP for Dover. Elphicke, who was the MP for Dover between 2010 and 2019, told police he kissed the woman, who he said was feeding him chocolate and had become "tactile" in the moments before, but stopped as . "[81] In April 2018, The Sunday Times reported that a rape allegation had been made against Elphicke in November 2017, at the height of the Westminster sex scandals, but that the police had not informed him of it for about five months. [23][24], In October 2012, the Public Accounts Committee reviewed the Charities Act 2006, which no longer assumed that advancement of religion was beneficial per se, but had to serve a public interest. Clearly, that wish was in vain. He was found guilty of all three on Thursday, and sighed and looked at his lawyer when the jury's unanimous verdict was returned. Elphicke was suspended from the Conservatives in November 2017 after he was accused of sexual offences against two members of his staff but had the Conservative whip reinstated prior to a December 2018 confidence vote in Theresa May. The second change is that, if the quantity of the drug would cause as much harm as 5kg (11 lb) of heroin, the offence will be in the most serious category. [19] Work planned to start in 2009 was delayed because of flood risks, but the go-ahead was given in 2012[19] and the 24 million hospital was opened in June 2015. Describing her husband as 'charming, wealthy, charismatic and successful attractive, and attracted to, women', Natalie claimed he was 'an easy target for dirty politics and false allegations'. She was the author of the 2010 report Housing People; Financing Housing for the conservative think-tank Policy Exchange. On this Wikipedia the language links are at the top of the page across from the article title. Mrs Pears, however, continues to pray for a turnaround: 'Natalie is sensible, I hope she has the strength and it would be better for the children to have one parent who is not associated with this type of behaviour.'. I wish it was different.'. Natalie and Charles Elphicke are pictured above on their wedding day. [38][39], Elphicke campaigned against the privatisation of the Port of Dover prior to and since his election; he created an alternative proposal, which was put to the residents of Dover in a local referendum in March 2011, who voted by an overwhelming majority in favour of a "people's port" rather than privatisation 5,244 votes in favour compared to 113 against.
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