Hearing what you want to hear and filtering out the rest Individual firefighters or supervisors may turn down an assignment when: 4. These differences may be due to ethnic and racial background, age, geography, religion, and A non-judgemental mindset lets you observe cultural differences without labelling them as good or bad, or right or wrong. Define nine fire behavior terms. They also describe the relationship between these values and behavior, with the help of a structure based on . Cultural humility requires a self-critiquing practice that encourages an open mind and introspection instead of habitually projecting preconceived notions. - Post lookouts Despite the diverse meanings and definitions usually attributed to globalization, one can identify a number of its distinguishing characteristics: 1. Uninformed on strategy, tactics and hazards. If you've determined a structure can be saved, identify THREE things your crew should do to prepare the structure. Keep personal clothing & equipment in serviceable condition. Page 4 Rear The rear or heel of a wildland fire is the end opposite the headthat is, relatively closer to the point of origin than to the head. Sand and refinish with light coating of linseed oil. Whether backfiring or burning out, supervisors need to: East Asian cultures tend to be collectivist meaning that they value the needs of the group over the needs of the individual. 3Warn others in the immediate vicinity Select THREE steps for deploying fire shelters during a strong wind. You are backing up the nozzle operator on this fire. 3. - Panic during an evacuation. Second row: four boxes, one blank labeled A, the others labeled "Planning Section Chief", "Logistics Section Chief", "Finance Section Chief". Tilt torch downward to dispense fuel at each desired ignition point, HMSY - 1340 Homeland Security Intelligence Op, Command & Control - ICS, Strategy and Tactics, Pre - Calculus Part 2: Lesson 5 and Lesson 6. Know your equipment placement guidelines This problem is compounded when the people you are working with look at things through a different cultural lens. Identify FOUR ways to keep your portable radio in good working order. When to escape to safety zone. Identify FOUR good places to locate your fire shelter. The Importance of Context Its generally difficult to know what someone else wants even when you know them well. Place fire shelters where these are present: 4. Cultural humility encourages people in places of power to acknowledge their privilege and how it can provide better opportunities. Place a ladder on the side of the house that is least threatened and away from power lines Use them for official use only Escape routes should provide the quickest possible path to the safety zone. a[a\IO4BTC4~wQd/r4cd"/ry9Cta16]|dnal]0*tbT(MDe#E-:bQ2Y[cGNWNJv}#^d`JYR6_8MJ^;r*B}[>~BOkY si[Fd Attacking the fire at the burning edge before it arrives. 2. Because: 1. Mop up the most threatening areas first Fight the fire before it reaches the structure. Maintains a professional appearance for the crew Is easier and safer to use than a tool with a dull blade Achieves long reach in high winds. Do: Select FOUR ways to remove heat energy from a fire. Be alert. Identify the most dangerous hazardous material detection clue to rely on. To be humble, curious, and flexible are guideposts of the on-going, cyclical practice that is self-critique. If you need to exit the aircraft while it's hovering, do so in one smooth, unhurried motion. Documents listing chemical name, number, and type Replace immediately. - Inadequate water supply rene verdugo urquidez released SU,F's Musings from the Interweb. Since the 1980s, most global companies have developed diversity and inclusion policies led by human resources. 4. ADVERTISEMENTS: 6. 2. Protect your radio from dust, moisture, fire retardant, excessive vibration, dropping, and extreme heat Establish good communications with all involved agencies One thing that can be useful is to have them write out a quick meeting summary afterward and send it around to make sure everyone is in agreement. Base all actions on current and expected behavior of the fire. 6. I would definitely recommend Study.com to my colleagues. Controlling hazards 2. When determining safety zone size safety zones should have a ______. Ms. White initially feels a tinge of aggravation toward Lee-Lei's parents. 1. Instead, you need to identify and acknowledge the differences. - Hills Wearing all personal protective equipment (PPE) - One or more lookouts should be posted when crews are assigned to drainages. We've been talking twice a week and it's really helped me. - Offensive Mode The purpose of offensive mode is to attack the wildland fire before it reaches the structures. Non-native speakers have a harder time using cues like this, and so you are going to have to work extra hard to detect violations of your expectations. Progress. Place each clue in order to match with an example of what to look for. Do Cultural humility encourages professionals to reach out to advocacy groups on a systematic level. Thus, the assumptions you make about the world based on your culture form your ability to evaluate everything you encounter. Identify the TRUE statement about boat transportation procedures. Keep your supervisor informed of hazards, and avoid breathing toxic fumes, There are three tactical modes for fires in the wildland/urban interface. Cultural and social factors that affect development. Constantly reassess identified escape routes as the fire front progresses Third row: a blank box coming off of the blank box on Row 2 labeled B. Hold fusee away from body with the lighted end down The definition of cultural humility is a lifelong practice of self-reflection about one's own cultural identities. Place each tactic you may use in protecting structures in the interface in order to match with the proper description. - Division Supervisor 1. To control a fire, you need to break the fire triangle by removing one or more of the required elements. (13 mm) or more. 3. Select the terms best completing the following sentence. Type of materials manufactured, stored, or used It creates an awareness of cultural similarities and differences. Identify the distance firefighters should maintain when walking or working with hand tools. Cognitive Challenges - the mental challenges faced by people. This information was valuable when having conversations with people so I didnt assume people were disagreeing with me when in fact they were agreeing. People living in different cultures have different habits, values, and ways of expression. 5. D. Fit workers are allowed to serve longer hours on the fireline. C. A safety zone is a place where a fire shelter is needed. - Unexpected shifts in wind direction or speed increase fire danger. Wear safety glasses at all times Look for spot fires outside the constructed line. Condition of equipment If Lisa took an approach in cultural humility, she wouldn't assume to know everything about people with Mexican cultural backgrounds. There are six main detection clues to look for at a HazMat incident. Because fire at the heel usually burns into any prevailing wind, it generally: Burns with low intensity Has a low rate of spread (ROS) Is generally easier to control than the head Flanks The flanks are the sides of a wildland fire . Feeling to detect fire, extinguishing hot spots, lining live edges Subjects taught include English, Spanish, History, Math, and Science. Radiant heat. 8. Everyone retains certain beliefs as a result of family and community influences, especially in other countries. They may be slippery. are listed in the IRPG? Get into a face-down position with your feet toward the fire Pragmatic challenges - the practical challenges faced by business. 2. Cold trailing is a technique for controlling a partly dead fire edge. Follow these precautions when leaving the boat: Reinforce the line, when necessary Protect the attack line from minor flare-ups. Place the following fire behavior terms in order to match with the corresponding description. 2. Cultural humility is an ongoing endeavor with no endpoint, only continuous evolution. Aware that many of her new patients will be of Mexican descent, Lisa spends several months reading literature on the Mexican culture to better acquaint herself with this new population. Insert your boots inside the straps at the bottom of the shelter to secure it Chapter 3: The Cultural Environment. 4. Give priority to all emergency radio traffic 1. Mostly, it's important to be okay with not knowing everything. Smoke, bad weather, or even nightfall can reduce visibility and make a potentially bad situation even worse. Do not lock apparatus doors anakeesta photo memories . When initiating a call, first transmit the station name or unit number of the person you are calling, then your own name or number Biopsychosocial Assessment Uses & Examples | What is a Biopsychosocial Assessment? Social globalization. Aluminum particles or debris is visible inside the bag. Fire at this point usually burns into prevailing wind 4. 3. You must place the clamp at LEAST how far away from any coupling? - Establish escape routes throughout the day. Base all actions on current and expected behavior of the fire. A non-judgemental mindset lets you observe cultural differences without labelling them as 'good' or 'bad', or 'right or wrong'. Consider the following strategies to address cultural diversity challenges in your practice: When considering the size of safety zones, your Incident Response Pocket Guide (IRPG) has specific distance recommendations for how far to separate firefighters from the nearest fuels. 2. Water Conservation - Shovels, axes, and Pulaskis can adversely affect fire behavior. Previous research found that the within-country variability of human values (e.g., equality and helpfulness) clearly outweighs between-country variability. You should be able to directly control. No communication link with crew members/supervisor. 5. Self-critique is an essential facet of cultural humility because it intends to deconstruct prejudiced attitudes, conscious and subconscious. Yet, cultural competence can only take us so far. She tries to empathize with their cultural values and why they hold academic excellence in high regard. What characteristics are you calling for in your foam? What is the first action for you to take? 1. Avoid breathing hazardous vapors Correct use of tools Get unlimited access to over 88,000 lessons. There are many small- and large-scale implications of practicing cultural humility. 1. Pull the rest of the shelter down over yourself Bulging windows and an unventilated roofhot gases are trapped, and a backdraft is brewing Prohibit smoking within 100 ft. (30 m) of helicopter, fuel storage, and fueling equipment. Loading Here are a few tips for loading: - Since fighting fires is risky business, it makes sense to know the types of hazards you will be facing. Identify THREE guidelines for two-way radio use. The interactions can be professional or personal. C. A safety zone is a place where a fire shelter is needed. It's nice to hear from you. Reduces the need for you to raise a tool above your head. Can be complicated by power outages. Place the first seven steps for putting a drip torch into service in order. Write down any messages you receivehave a pencil and note pad ready for messages. In this article, Tervalon and Murray-Garcia identified three facets to cultural humility. 5. I started going to church more, and my pastor offered to be a listening ear whenever I needed it. Listener responsibilities What you unroll, eventually you must re-roll. Body Language and Space. - Logistics difference between goryeo and joseon when is skims restocking dress difference between goryeo and joseon difference between goryeo and joseon Create your account, 8 chapters | Rolling the hose properly will protect exposed threads. The first, and perhaps most crucial, elements of culture we will discuss are its values and beliefs. Therefore, cultural differences exist in some aspects of emotions, one such important aspect of emotion being emotional arousal level. What are THREE ways to stay safe while preparing a drip torch? I feel like its a lifeline. Cultural humility suggests remaining humble and aware of one's deficient knowledge of other cultures. 3. Hazardous materials can be a _____________ material or a combination of _____________ materials. As "culture" is the essence of a society, this chapter will concentrate on a discussion of it only. Wait for the person on the other end of the conversation to finish talking before you start Identify TWO safety procedures to follow when carrying hand tools. 1. Identify THREE guidelines for protecting apparatus. Identify a nozzle that has to be readjusted each time you open it. A well-informed Lisa feels confident and culturally competent before beginning her new job. Of all the so called "environmental uncontrollables", culture, or at least the study of it, is one of the most difficult to comprehend, take . Beliefs are the tenets or convictions that people hold to be true. All of these guidelines should only be as far away as the IRPG you carry in your pocket. Dig out and disperse any burning materials. As medical doctors, the authors identified the need for an extension to cultural competence in healthcare and research. 8. Decision points Dont assume everyone wants to be treated the way you do. Whether to attack directly, indirectly, or not at all. Barriers to communication include: 1. - Extreme fire behavior Creeping Identify FOUR things you should be looking for. 3. You are pretty much guaranteed to make some mistakes when working with people from a new culture. Identify THREE common denominators of fire behavior on tragedy fires. Identify FOUR personal items you should consider keeping ready on a fire assignment. Constructed areas. Use water in conjunction with hand tools where possible or practical A response objective. You are already uphill and upwind of the area. It's very rude in Chile to eat anything with your hands, even when eating French fries, always have a knife and fork at the ready. Identify a TRUE statement regarding the functional purpose of fire shelters. When interacting with people from another culture, you may be tempted to treat them exactly the way you would want to be treated. 4. Engine crews 4. Minimizes impact to the environment, Place each wildland fire part in order to match to the best description. Limit caffeine to 300 mg per day (a cup of coffee has 100 mg). CULTURAL FACTORS Culture encompasses the set of beliefs, moral values, traditions, language, and laws (or rules of behavior) held in common by a nation, a community, or other defined group of people. Identify TWO applications a Pulaski is well suited for. 10. Various cultural differences can interfere with productivity or cause conflict among employees. identify three facets affected by cultural differences s130mostar bridge jump injuries. - Rocks Discuss five other useful firefighting terms. They recognize any power imbalances that may be present and look to the other person to be the expert on themselves, who therefore brings strengths and value to the relationship. 3. In this case, they will keep quiet out of respect, not because they dont have any questions. Three facets affected by cultural differences are: Ensure objectives and instructions are understood. 9. Wear both eye and hearing protection around operating aircraft The starting location for any progressive hose lay. - Situate the tool on the downhill side of your body. Food Housing Dress Religion Wildland firefighter protective clothing is designed to protect you from which of the following THREE threats? Allow fuel to burn out if it will do so quickly and safely There are many hazards you face when traveling to a fire on foot. For this reason, training in cultural humility is in high demand for these systems. Perimeter 0B.3 0B-01-S130-SR. 0B.4 FIRE BEHAVIOR TERMS Spread - Movement of the . Place each tool care and maintenance issue in order to match with the appropriate action. Decision to turn back Extreme fire behavior has caused major losses of life and property in the interface. Compare the designs of Oscar de la Renta and Calvin Klein. Through these 8 aspects, we can see how our world is becoming more integrated on many different levels. Read the following to investigate subjective hazards. 1. This is a conversation between Robert and Laura a month later where Robert checks in with Laura about the therapist referrals. Cultural factors can also impact how autism is understood, interpreted and accepted in different Few of them are listed below: 1. 6. - Bevel grubbing edge 3/8-inch (10 mm) wide Roll over inside the shelter so that you are lying face down. Identify 1. There is a clear violation of written safe work practices. Examining the entire assigned area You might need to implement some kind of grid or block system when you face large burns or complicated situations. A Beginner's Guide to Crossing Cultures. You read that cultural humility requires people to be critical of their own assumptions of normalcy. Keep the landing zone (helibase or helispot) clear of loose equipment, objects, and unauthorized personnel; if you've got the water, consider lightly spraying dirt landing zones to cut down on dust - Loose soils. Visibility Identify THREE structure situations you should avoid at ALL times. Allow the wind to fill the shelter with air Is price a reliable indicator of quality in clothing? Holes in hose. 3. However, how your jealousy is interpreted can depend on how it is viewed culturally. Laura: I'm great! - Downed power lines Runners Conserves water supply. Understand that your first priority is your safetyyour second priority is saving property and natural resources Human Behavior and Egress in Fires Identify TWO tools you can use in conjunction with a fire swatter. Identify THREE measures to follow to protect hoses and fittings after suppression activities. 2. Water is often like gold on the fireline. Your number one priority during patrol is to: Patrol the control line to check for spotting across it. - Directs the overall management of the incident Don't Make a Toast With Your Wine in Georgia . Addition of lateral lines. The meal was being prepared by the farm owners. You can clamp off the hose when water isn't needed. The major elements of culture are symbols, language, norms, values, and artifacts. Hold the tool at its balance point - Hopeless situation. Wear both eye and hearing protection Culturally determined characteristics include: the language spoken at home; religious observances; customs (including marriage customs that often accompany religious and other beliefs); acceptable . 6. Due to her knowledge that a majority of Mexicans are Catholic, she requests a priest for one of her patients without first consulting them. Lessens the chance of losing items Requires mobility and flexibility in the fire fighting effort. The following points can highlight more about such differences: 1. situations, the 10 Standard Fire Fighting Orders, LCES, and the common denominators of fire behavior on tragedy fires. Question and answer. Identify the BEST way to remove unburned fuel that is outside of but adjacent to the fireline. Few of them are listed below: 1. uuid:54120f3d-8d59-429f-9cec-727cb1b4da8c Inoperative valves Ignite spilled fuel and light torch from ground fire You havent given them an opportunity to do something that would surprise you. Do not smoke within 100 ft. (30 m) of aircraft or fuel storage and fuel equipment Identify THREE warning signs of a hopeless situation. Gloves 3. A community health worker acts as a liaison between medical and social services. Inform all crew members of escape route locations Values are a culture's standard for discerning what is good and just in society. Preliminary control line built to quickly check the fire's spread Identify THREE of the first five Standard Fire fighting Orders. Lighting a fusee To light a fusee: - Straight stream. endstream endobj 224 0 obj <>/Encoding<>>>>> endobj 191 0 obj <> endobj 192 0 obj <> endobj 193 0 obj <> endobj 194 0 obj <> endobj 195 0 obj <> endobj 196 0 obj <> endobj 197 0 obj <> endobj 151 0 obj <> endobj 154 0 obj <> endobj 157 0 obj <> endobj 160 0 obj <> endobj 164 0 obj <> endobj 167 0 obj <> endobj 170 0 obj <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text]/ExtGState<>>>/Type/Page>> endobj 1077 0 obj [1055 0 R 1065 0 R 1068 0 R 1071 0 R 1074 0 R 1076 0 R] endobj 1078 0 obj <>stream Do you have any other questions or concerns today? Think before pushing the talk button . Identify THREE different types of crews that may be involved in wildland fire fighting. One side is a cutting edge similar to an axe blade for chopping stumps and logs. - low-band 3. For threatened structures in the wildland/urban interface, certain assessments have to be made. Eye protection 6. Cultural humility is shown by being genuinely curious to new ideas which inevitably means challenging what is already believed as true. Identify THREE advantages to being accountable for your gear in the fire camp. Identify three facets affected by cultural differences. Matches or a cigarette lighter. Below are examples of cultural humility in both professional and personal conversations. It's most effective to use a flail in conjunction with a backpack pump or fire rake. Make escape routes lead to a safety zone in the black or farther into the green away from the fire - Most incidents happen on relatively small fires or on isolated sections of large fires. If you set up a routine of communicating about issues that may arise, though, you can minimize the damage of the mistakes you make. Remove lock ring in vegetation-free area 7. This essay considers the impact of culture on international business through various angles. Fire shelters are designed to minimize burns and prevent asphyxiation from hot gases. Burning branches Through that introspection, a humble curiosity of other cultural identities evolves with the goal of improving relationships. 3. 7. Gallup's research finds that there are three requirements that must be present in each of the strategies. Can push flame angle closer to fuels. Shipping papers Natural areas Perhaps Lee-Lei's anxiety has nothing to do with this stereotype of Asian culture. Culture and Conflict. Cold trail where applicable, Search the constructed line for weak areas, hot spots, and slopovers Bias can result in a lack of cultural competence evidenced by failure to consider the terminology, comfort care, and remedies implemented by persons from a culture other than that of the healthcare provider. - A lookout must warn the crew when unexpected changes in fire behavior occur. A primary purpose of culture is to provide you with an orientation for understanding and navigating the world, because human beings come pre-programmed by evolution with very little specific knowledge about how to survive and succeed. The fuel mixture you will typically use in the drip-torch tank is ____________ parts diesel fuel to __________ part gasoline. - Direct attack Stay seated until the crew directs you to unload. Abandoning fire fighting efforts and retreating to safety zone. Of course, you might make mistakes, and thats OK. Conveying that you are open to learning and communicating about potential differences can go a long way. The correct order is as follows: Remove shelter from packaging Open and shake out shelter completely And obviously, stay well clear of tail rotors and jet exhausts. Slide fusee onto the tool handle Grip fusee in one hand and remove striker cap by tapered end 2. Wind-induced fire behavior can change rapidly because.
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