Chicago Bears center Olin Kreutz climbed it grudgingly . The regional sports network has reportedly lost 9% of its subscriber base since 2021, as more and more cable consumers cancel their traditional linear television packages and shift to streaming-only subscriptions. To me, its an oxymoron when I hear guys saying, I want to play football for a living, but I want to stay healthy, he says. He was the go-to guy on NBCSCHs Football Aftershow, providing informed, measured commentary of an organization that has had much to criticize on and off the field in recent years. It also has created strong partnerships with Cleveland State Community College, Lee University and Charleston Elementary School. @TheAthleticPIT The plant is committed to employee safety and community involvement. Kreutz also excelled in wrestling and track and field. Im doing the same shit I did when I was in high school. I could never really be fully like, My life would be so much better with a Super Bowl ring. Thats not true. "On Monday morning, an incident occurred in which Olin Kreutz physically attacked a CHGO employee," the statement said. The games given me everything I have, so every chance I get I am going to give back to the game any way I can.. The health and safety of our employees is of the utmost importance, and we will not tolerate any action that puts that in jeopardy., Kreutz responded with his own tweet, quoting former boxer Mike Tyson: Social media made yall way too comfortable with disrespecting people and not getting punched in the face for it., Olin Kreutz, a six-time Pro Bowler for the Bears, recently spoke for the first time since he was let go by Chicago-based sports media company, CHGO Sports, in May after allegedly assaulting a. Hoge didnt require treatment and didnt file a police report after the incident, which occurred in CHGOs West Loop office. Ive got a pretty good life. You dont think its because of a fear of head injuries? I ask him. You have to practice it at full speed. Per the Sun-Times, Hoge did not require treatment nor did he file a police report after the incident. Founded by the Acadians in the 1700s, St. Gabriel is the perfect place for comfortable, country-style living. Thats the only thing I can think of.. I wanted to win. He played college football for University of Washington, and earned consensus All-American honors. Im about to put my all into it. If I have to got be up at five in the morning for a production meeting, then thats what Im going to do.. The kids are used to hearing Coach Kreutz speak this way. The Sports Centre. I have my side of the story of what I thought happened. Following the incident, Kreutz reportedly reached out to Hoge privately about the incident but had not addressed the situation publicly. Hes a hot head, ended the career of both college and pro teammates by beating them senseless and breaking their jaws. Find another gym: But that boy and his teammates dont know Kreutz as a future Hall of Famer. Im sure you see it now you walk into a room, and everybody will be, and he mimes people being on their phone. Learn More Olin Kreutz on QB struggles During the Bears Aftershow Olin Kreutz addressed the problem at hand. They know were running 16 Power. One day, Ill tell my son, You were coached by a Hall of Famer, says a father of one of Kreutzs players. I know what came out from CHGOs side. From my point of view, how could that change? So someone has to coach it. Heres what we want done?. The parade was set up for downtown. PAYABLE $4.99* BI-WEEKLY. Kreutz reiterated to his players his common mantra: no dirty hits, but hard, clean hits. Hoge reportedly was OK with continuing the show, but Kreutz declined. He wants people to understand its beauty and its value. Eventually youre going to meet someone who no matter how good I was who just beat the hell out of me. During an incident in May, Kreutz was involved in an altercation with fellow CHGO employee, Adam Hoge. We all know what this game is about. Their parents on the sideline know were running 16 Power. Youre gonna have a helmet and shoulder pads and youre going to be doing bear crawls in mud. Today, Santa Fe Springs is a planned community with 100 acres of recreation space, 19 parks, and mile upon mile of green belts and parkways. Ive learned over the years to take just about anything that Olin says with a grain of salt, McCaskey said. Obviously, you dont ever get an answer for that. Olin McIntosh works hard at being a good employer and a responsible neighbor. I think we just want to play football. Football is muscle memory. Henderson just next door to Las Vegas, Hoover Dam and Lake Mead is known for its premier master-planned communities, outstanding parks and recreation facilities, and cultural arts programs and amenities. From what [NBCSCH] told me, there are workers in there who are uneasy about me coming in, Kreutz said. Kreutz played in four of the Saints' first six games, missing the other two with a knee injury. Adam Hoge, allegedly held at the neck for a 'flippant' remark by Olin Kreutz, was on CHGO's Bears podcast on Tuesday. Garrett Searight is the Editor of Barrett Sports Media and Barrett News Media. Just coming in and saying, This isnt legal now well, guess what JuJu Smith-Schusters been doing since he was nine? he wants to pick on some office dude who should press charges and demand a public apology and a donation to a mental health program for anger management to withdraw them. And I said no. His team has about 20 players throughout the season. The refs and announcers felt otherwise. Olin Charleston strives to be a good employer and a responsible neighbor. Everything is physically taxing. Today, Freeport is Olins largest chlor alkali vinyl site. As a youth coach, thats what Kreutz needs: drills that re-program a players muscle memory in accordance with NFL rules and what have essentially become NFL ethics. And, if theyre afraid of me, then you should ask them what they plan on saying to me. While Kreutz retired in 2011 after one season with the Saints, in 2015 he went into sports media/broadcasting and eventually landed at WSCR 670 the Score Bears post game show. Gorman said both of his eyes have now been dilated for a week, and the eye patch is necessary for light sensitivity, and joked about all the rumors hes heard. So where are the NFL programs that are showing little league coaches how to coach it out of football? So I feel good. When were coaching little league, Im always cognizant of trying to get someone else to score a touchdown, just because thats how you build your confidence. Well, he isnt wrong. Life in Niagara Falls is a study in contrasts. The introduction of MSG+ this summer will be a significant milestone for our company and will offer a mix of subscription options for fans who do not subscribe to a traditional, bundled pay television subscription, MSG Networks President Andrea Greenberg said. I know whats going to happen. Chicago Bears 2023 Free Agency Roundtable: Favorite trade target, Bears rank 13th in the NFLPAs Free Agency Guide Report Card. He does not see signs of CTE, he does not walk with a limp, he still works out every day. 2023 ABG-SI LLC. _______________________________, Unlike those other football players he did the same thing to. The Score operations director Mitch Rosen and Kreutzs agent, Steve Mandell, declined to comment. If youre worried about head injuries, I cannot argue, he says about parents. Im with [Alex Brown, Lance Briggs and David Kaplan], and most of the time theres one or two or three people in there. It is well-positioned for travel to a variety of desirable destinations, including San Francisco, San Jose and Sacramento; Lake Tahoe; Yosemite National Park; and the Napa Valley wine area. It took me a look up and down one sideline, and then a walk to the other side of the field to realize which man was Kreutz, the former perennial Pro Bowler I watched nearly every Sunday for 13 years. The town is safe, friendly and offers a number of beautiful parks and open spaces. WCGs Lead Draft Analyst shares brief anecdotes on each of his top performers from Day 1 of the 2023 NFL Combine. Kreutz didnt help matters with his tweet following his firing at CHGO, and that probably played a role in his not being retained at NBC Sports Chicago. Property donated by the plant was converted to a beautiful walking trail and a boat landing. Hell yeah. He appeared on NBC 5s Sports Sunday the night before the incident. Kreutz will not return to NBC Sports Chicagos Bears postgame show after being fired by CHGO. May 4, 2022 at 10:58 am Kreutz has finally spoken on the situation at CHGO. The actor suffered a brain aneurysm Feb. 18 at his Los Angeles home and died in his sleep Friday at a hospital in Burbank, California, his manager said. The old No. The best insights from the ultimate insiders, 2023 NYP Holdings, Inc. All Rights Reserved, Giants shake-up begins with firing of top-level scouts, Red-hot Jon Rahm no match for wind-swept Bay Hill: 'F--king hard', Unprecedented turnaround sets this team up to be MLB's greatest show, The Marchand and Ourand Sports Media Podcast, The Show with Joel Sherman and Jon Heyman, Amazin' But True: A NY Mets Baseball Podcast, Gangs All Here: A NY Jets Football Podcast, Kellyanne Conway and George Conway to divorce, Canadian teacher with size-Z prosthetic breasts placed on paid leave. Kreutz played for the Bears for 13 years and made six Pro Bowls. Obviously, you dont ever get an answer for that.. The town is only a short distance from water and mountain sports. He previously was the Program Director and Afternoon Co-Host on 93.1 The Fan in Lima, OH. Sick fellow who needs help. You take the punishment, and then you try to become a better person and try to learn from every situation.. That would have been awesome. In Chicago, its cold. Everybody thinks they have to protect football players right now from themselves and from the game, he tells me. The opposing coach started yelling at Kreutzs player, calling for his ejection. Olin Santa Fe Springs has monthly meetings and conducts a number of drills and safety exercises with the local fire department and emergency responders. I ask him if he saw the statement from Steelers safety Mike Mitchell a few weeks prior, when Mitchell admonished those who want to force football players to slow down and consider the consequences of a hit while theyre on the field and potentially vulnerable to those same hits. This is a live drill, he tells them. Despite ample legal trouble, Sizemore had steady film and television credits. Kreutz took heat for that. They dont know the offensive stalwart who became one of the key leaders on a team ruled by its defense. 1 draft pick, Olin Kreutz fired by Chicago sports media startup for physically attacking co-worker, Report: Derek Carr wants $35 million per year, Mike McCarthy: Kellen Moore wants to light the scoreboard up, I want to run the damn ball, The Raiders are the betting favorites to land Aaron Rodgers, ESPN reiterates report that Lamar Jackson wants a fully-guaranteed deal, Arrest warrant issued for Jalen Carter for reckless driving, racing, Aaron Rodgers says hell make a decision soon enough, Competition Committee begins to explore the quarterback push play, Players say Chiefs discourage them from reporting injuries, have NFLs worst training staff, Report: Jalen Carter was present at teammates fatal crash, misled police about it. 2023 Olin Corporation. The group has a combined 40 years of NFL experience, 35 Sports Football tough guy. He boxes, he wrestles. He played college football for University of Washington, and earned consensus All-American honors. I guess it doesnt make a difference but are we talking NOOGIE? And like I told my kids, you do something like that, you pay the penalty. The plant is well located to serve major bleach users throughout the Southeast. In 2012, he began assisting with his eldest sons youth team in Libertyville. There were some people in their building obviously, I dont blame them that werent comfortable with me being there anymore, he said. Im going to fight through injuries. He played college football for University of Washington, and earned consensus All-American honors. Im fortunate to be here. Today, this dusty farming and railroad town has become a vibrant, growing suburban community. Olin kreutz (@olin_kreutz) May 2, 2022 Kreutz Clarifies CHGO Firing: Says He Left As Time Was Up While Kreutz mentions that he reached out to Hoge privately, he also made the disclaimer that . MIAMI, Jan. 28 -- In the hallway of the hotel a dais loomed, topped with a table and a microphone. Or making a good run? No other sport has the same team atmosphere where every player needs to make a play in these four seconds for the play to work, says team parent Patrick Lindemann. Sports Kreutz remains tough customer in NFL circles. The game will teach you that. In this career, Im fortunate to be here. Its a shame the rage that probably made him a excellent player. I told them obviously I was sorry about the way the situation escalated, Kreutz told the Sun-Times. In 2011, Kreutz chose to end his career with the Chicago Bears after turning down an offer of $4 million for one year. Quite Simply, Bears' Kreutz Is a Hard Man. Olin Kreutz physically assaulted colleague Adam Hoge in staff meeting: sources, Agrest: Olin Kreutz must apologize as well as he can analyze, Cubs Justin Steele back on track after efficient first spring-training start, Cubs spring-training camp thins as WBC participants leave for tournament, Bulls get a painful lesson in what a real playoff team should look like, Sectional final roundup: Simeon, St. Ignatius win in 3A; Oswego East takes down Joliet West in 4A, Blown leads continue plaguing Bulls as Billy Donovan searches for a fix, Blackhawks GM Kyle Davidson concludes frenetic trade deadline week with reflective Friday, Dear Abby: When my husbands brother marries, I should be in the wedding, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and wife to invest $250 million in new Chicago research lab, Jose Abreu on life with the Astros and leaving the White Sox, who werent a family in 2022, Chicago police officer was shot and killed in front of kids playing at school: They ran as quickly as possible just to get to safety, Dear Abby: With boyfriends fussy father living here, I feel trapped, Tom Sizemore dies at 61; actor known for Saving Private Ryan, Natural Born Killers. You take the punishment, and then you try to become a better person and try to learn from every situation.. Then again, maybe its an evening of entertainment at the historic Riviera Theatre, complete with music from the Mighty Wurlitzer organ. Because it could happen at any moment.. He also wanted to continue the show with Kreutz. I would not be surprised if he serves time behind bars in the future. That just gave me more fuel to continue to be myself.. Before leaving to join Team Israel, Cubs prospect Matt Mervis shared why this WBC means so much to him. Kreutz was the longest tenured Bears member at the time he left the organization.[9]. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, let go by Chicago-based sports media company, CHGO Sports, grabbed the neck of CHGO colleague Adam Hoge in response to a flippant remark. You gotta pick another profession, man. Super nice gyms. It was a rare concern. Adam actually wanted to continue the podcast. On August 5, 2011, Kreutz signed with the New Orleans Saints for a one-year $2 million contract with an additional $2 million in incentives. I know it. Well, you have to practice that. It was a chilly October night in the Chicago suburb of Winnetka, and Kreutzs School of St. Mary team was up 13-0 early in the 3rd quarter. Listen, man, I was a ballplayer, he says. Id love to tell my whole side of the story, but obviously people have advised me not to talk too much about it.. Chicago Bears center Olin Kreutz - a former University of Washington standout - is a confident team leader. A month later, Whitney Young High School canceled its 2017 season. Somebody talk to me on 16 Power, he said, referring to a running play. Kreutz talks to a lot of guys who played in the generation before him, guys like Bears offensive linemen Jay Hilgenberg and Tom Thayer, and hears that the NFL doesnt take care of them as they should. It was there he was asked about a story told by Olin Kreutz. The guy across from you might be bigger and stronger, but guess what? When a Hall-of-Famer finishes their career, they roll the red carpet out.. So, hes quick to get into fisticuffs with anyone, anywhere. These are hard sports to do.. Go be a doctor, or the suits up there in the NFL office in New York, you go be suits. Buffalo, which is less than 30 minutes away, offers professional sports like Buffalo Bills football or Bisons baseball, plus the Sabres hockey team. Football is life, Kreutz explained to me later. He was the highest selected Washington interior lineman since Ed Cunningham in 1992. In recent years, for example, Olin bought out the interests of a joint venture partner in Sunbelt, whose chlor alkali manufacturing facilities were already located at the plant site. In this interview with WCG historian Jack M Silverstein, Bears legend and middle school football coach Olin Kreutz explains the changes that need to be made in football to make sure the game doesnt die and how the NFL can lead the way. Are they in a 5-2 or a 6-2? Kreutz asked about the opponents defense. Olin Kreutz is a 14 year NFL veteran, 13 of those years were spent with the Chicago Bears. Olin Kreutz fired by Chicago sports media startup for physically attacking co-worker. Steele retired all six Padres batters he faced, then headed to the bullpen to throw 25 more pitches. Other people like to shop in one of the storybook towns and villages surrounding Niagara. And you forget sometimes if youre not on that sideline how emotional it is. No, he says. The former Washington Huskies star started 187 of 195 career games and was the heart and soul of the Bears team. Kevin Kaduk, the head of content, spearheaded the Yahoo Sports blogs in their heyday. Register now! [11] In an interview, Kreutz cited offensive line coach Aaron Kromer's recurring expletive-laden tirades as the catalyst for his exit. It is home to more than 270,000 residents. You could tell by what I put on Twitter what I thought happened there; it just inflamed the situation., After the news became public, Olin Kreutz took to Twitter. Olin Kreutz says that he was not fired by CHGO, but that he had already decided to leave before his fight with Adam Hoge. I wasnt a Hall-of-Famer. In October 2006, Kreutz was signed to a three-year contract extension through the 2010 season. The 44-year-old Kreutz made headlines in January for claiming that the Bears offered him a job for $15 an hour, saying that the McCaskey family that owns the team is cheap, and the Bears wont improve until they start to spend more money. His mother was the president of his little league team. On August 19, 2015, Kreutz signed on to be in the WSCR 670 the Score Bears post game show along with James Williams and Hub Arkush, replacing the recently deceased Doug Buffone. The city of Santa Fe Springs got its name in the 1800s when the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad came to town. He believes any child showing signs of a concussion should be pulled from the game. Kreutz will not return to NBC Sports Chicago's Bears postgame show after being fired by CHGO. In 2019 he joined NBC Sports Chicago, and in 2022 he joined a sports media startup called CHGO. I dont know how Ill feel when Im 50 or 60, but I feel good now.. According to Jeff Agrest of the Chicago Sun-Times, Kreutz grabbed the neck of colleague Adam Hoge. But I feel good. All three programs cited falling participation due in large part to parental concern over injuries, particularly head and brain injuries. The health and safety of our employees is of the utmost importance and we will not tolerate any action that puts that in jeopardy.. He played anywhere between 280 and 290 pounds. Nearby, I met the father whose son placed the hit on the opposing player. Obviously theres a physical basketball game where you get hit, but like I said, the biggest reason people dont like playing football is that its hard. Let the kid run him over, or stand there and screen him like a basketball screen instead of hitting him. CHGO Sports has let go of former Chicago Bear Olin Kreutz after he "physically attacked a CHGO employee", per a company statement on Twitter. And he and the rest of the Saints' line appeared to struggle during the 26-20 loss. Its not like that for a guy like me that was a role player. When contacted, Kreutz replied, Thanks for reaching out. In one week last August, the Park District of Highland Park canceled its youth program for fifth through eighth graders, followed by North Shore Country Day high school ending its program after 98 years. Baton Rouges rich, cultural traditions are reflected in its music, zydeco, blues and Cajun, and its unique attractions like the stately plantation homes, the ancient Indian mounds, the legendary riverfront and the fascinating Arts & Science Center, where you can fly a simulated space mission. I think if you give people a way out of these hard sports, theyll get out.. High school shouldnt be like that. I was hearing the words disgusting and cheap, Kreutz tells me about the broadcast. Not a member? And I look forward to hearing that story again and hope he includes it in his Hall of Fame induction speech., Asked if he was saying the story isnt true, McCaskey replied, Thats the way it is sometimes with Olin. The incident occurred at a staff meeting in CHGOs West Loop office. Smith-Schuster stood over him. To him, with proper coaching, children can start playing tackle football in fifth or sixth grade, when he started. Ill tell my kids who arent my biggest or strongest kids, If that guy on the other team turns the corner and youre one-on-one, let him go. Along with his coaching, he has become a staple of the Bears media world. The move by MSG Networks to introduce details for its streaming service offerings is the first in the lucrative New York sports market. Banter on air and banter off air is different for me. Although choking them might be a little over the top. Few are. The second thing he wants to see from the NFL is something that commissioner Roger Goodell tried to get in his most recent contract negotiation: lifetime health insurance. Olin Kreutz also contributed to 670 The Score. View FREE Public Profile & Reputation for Olin Kreutz in Lake Forest, IL - See Court Records | Photos | Address, Emails & Phone Number | Personal Review | $250K+ Income & Net Worth MSG Networks will become the latest regional sports network to launch a streaming service this summer. He received All-State and SuperPrep All-America honors while serving as football team captain during his senior year, and would additionally go on to win the Hawaii state wrestling heavyweight championship. Wrestlings hard. You dont have to hit someone you dont want to hit., Kreutz recommends that youth coaches not allow all-out hitting in practice only on game day. My neck is what it is. Kreutz finished that game despite his own concerns that he wouldnt be able to block anyone. Those are the people we know about. All installations are accessible to everyone, including the gym, pools . Immediately after the game, I had a brief moment to talk to Kreutz. MSG+ will be offered to fans at a $29.99 per month price point, which is the same monthly fee NESN charges subscribers in New England. During our interview at his gym, I relayed to Kreutz the parental comments, and told him my observation that he was the calmest person on the field, especially when the shouting started. [1] He is the youngest of four sons born to Henry Kreutz, Jr., of Aina Haina. Over his thirteen-year career with the Bears, Kreutz was selected to six Pro Bowls, was selected once as a 1st team All-Pro, and was one of the team's most consistent offensive linemen. In 2019, Kreutz joined NBC Sports Chicago's Football Aftershow, serving as a Bears gameday analyst alongside Laurence Holmes and former teammates Lance Briggs, Alex Brown, and Matt Forte. Call 1-800-GAMBLER. Effective immediately, Olin Kreutz is no longer with CHGO. At the beginning of his career, Perkins did say he was concerned with how he sounded on-air, but then he realized that what he says about basketball is more important than how he sounds and that he should continue to be himself: Im going to talk slow, Im going to talk with broken English, but you get what the hell I am saying. I guess unfortunate situation is the best way you can talk about it. For full functionality of this site it is necessary to, instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser. A confrontation with Kromer resulted in Kreutz inadvertently throwing quarterback Drew Brees against a wall. [4] Kreutz was recognized as a consensus first-team All-American and earned Pac-10 honors during his junior year, after which he elected to turn pro. Kreutz reached out to Hoge privately but had yet to address the situation publicly. Perhaps more than anything else, I wanted to know one thing from a man who played the game at the highest level, is paid to talk about it, and spends his free time coaching its potential future participants: What do fans and non-athlete media get wrong? Hes very calm, very thoughtful, very much about teaching, very much about fun. By taking practices away, by taking padded practices away. During an appearance on Toucher & Rich Wednesday, Gorman explained he recently had a health scare related to his eyesight. I think thats one thing they can fix. Getty Anthony Brown is currently on the practice squad of the Baltimore Ravens. Yeah, Kreutz says, and theres a lot to what hes saying. That former player never regained his starting position for the Huskies. The camaraderie. In Chicago, the company has hired a number of established sports media members. I was in the emergency room Saturday night and was being operated on Monday morning.. I had regrets. And I said no. There are also numerous festivals for film, jazz and comedy nearby. The chlor alkali vinyl assets at Plaquemine are composed of one chlor alkali facility, one ethylene dichloride facility and other supporting assets. Stop by our 2nd City Gridiron YouTube channel for Bear Bones LIVE at FIVE as we get in on some mock draft fun! "I'd like to punch him in his face," Kreutz said on the Mully & Haugh Show on 670 the Score on Monday morning. He had numerous accomplishments during his time in the NFL, including earning a spot on the 2000s all decade team, as . Jack M Silverstein is WCGs Bears historian, and author of How The GOAT Was Built: 6 Life Lessons From the 1996 Chicago Bulls. Say hey at @readjack. Its safe to Kreutz isnt one to messed with, but that has now cost him two jobs and will make it difficult for anyone else to want to take that risk with his track record. Neither Kaduk nor Kreutz immediately responded to requests from The Post for comment. I said, well, if people dont feel good about me being there, I obviously dont want to be there. At one time, it was home to one of the largest drive-in theaters in the country, with a capacity to hold more than 1,000 cars. The actor suffered a brain aneurysm Feb. 18 at his Los Angeles home and died in his sleep Friday at a hospital in Burbank, California, his manager said. Kreutz would also like to see the NFL stipulate the age at which children should start playing tackle football. But there werent colors before. Everything is going to work out, though. People use the word toughness the wrong way nowadays, he says. He slept in a neck brace the night before the Super Bowl to combat stingers he suffered three weeks prior in the Seattle game while trying to make a tackle on an interception. According to Sports Illustrated, Kreutz was the No. He had surgery on his elbow during the bye week in 2007 to remove bone chips. They decided I didnt have a stroke, which is good, but I did have a detached retina, Gorman explained. The Chicago Bears are a franchise in rebuild mode, but one thing the city embodies is toughness. During practice they tackle bags and run controlled drills. There are more than 1,230 miles of shoreline to enjoy on the Clarks Hill Reservoir second-largest lake east of the Mississippi. Jul 22, 2022. So Im good with it.. He wants young players to be safe, but also wants them to embrace the toughness the game demands. The wrong time for another loss, as the Bulls were now two games out of a play-in spot. He has blossomed into a sharp, thoughtful critic of the team and has made regular appearances on 670 The Score and NBC Sports Chicago. The Score, where Kreutz also has worked as an analyst, has yet to determine whether hell return. But people have to realize that its going to take some time to get those shots out of the game, and the only way to get them out is to drill them out from a young age meaning to use football drills to develop in players certain split-second instincts. Kreutzs only response has been a tweet with an image showing the statement, Social media made yall way too comfortable with disrespecting people and not getting punched in the face for it, which the image attributed to Mike Tyson. Chlorine production at Plaquemine began with the startup of the Chlorine 1 facility in 1958. Adding value means giving of ourselves to charitable and worthwhile efforts in the community, whether its creating them or contributing to them. We support the Robert Taylor Elementary School and the McCaw School of Mines, an interactive exhibit that teaches grade school children about the importance of mining in Nevada. Although we were shocked by the incident, we are thankful that the employee is okay. Social media made yall way too comfortable with disrespecting people and not getting punched in the face for it, Hes gotta point. "[14] Kreutz later apologized to Hoge and revealed he was also leaving NBC Sports Chicago.
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