The rib is stamped "London Fine Twist", it should say "Belgian Fine Twist". Built on what appears to be a #3 frame with 30-3/16" twist bbls that have tapered smooth. Philadelphia Double Shotgun by R&W.C. It does look similar to the British "Birmingham" proof mark (as found on page 1769 of "The Blue Book" 24th eddition). HOLDEN SINGLE SHOT CREEDMORE RIFLE. It has a 1 frame and 30in barrels choked full and modified. There is no such marking. Remington produced Parker Brother's guns for a little over five years. The gun seems to have a wee tad of condition, whether original or fixed up a bit. A letter may tell the story of the unique enhanced engraving. ANTIQUE DOUBLE BARREL SIDE. steel there could have been small inclusions of slag that over the Capped pistol grip, dogs head butt plate, gold shield, double triggers, automatic ejectors, splinter forend, #1 frame, 211xxx serial, This sale features a very nice matching number, 215157, Parker VHE 20 gauge 0 frame, 2 barrel, cased set. 4. Lot number: 221. Gun remains in very nice original condition overall. 26" Vulcan Steel Barrels Choked IC/M. UNION MACHINE CO. Gun is acc, DEL GRECO RESTORED #2 FRAME #2039XX 34" FULL AND FULL 2 3/4 DOUBLE TRIGGER EJECTORS SPLINTER FOREARM PISTOL GRIP UNFIRED SINCE RESTORATION 8LBS 2 OZ 2 1/4 DAH 1 1/2 DAC 14 1/4 LOP &n, #152XXX #6 FRAME 36" DAMASCUS BARRELS WITH PERFECT BORES AND GREAT PATTERN ON THE BARRELS DOUBLE TRIGGER EXTRACTORS SPLINTER FOREARM PISTOL GRIP ORIGINAL UNTOUCHED CONDITION WITH CASE COLO, FACTORY LETTER 100% REFINISHED BY TURNBULL BOTH GUNS ARE 30" MOD AND FULL 2 3/4 DOUBLE TRIGGER EXTRACTORS SPLINTER FOREARM ENGLISH GRIP SKELETON BUTT 7LBS 15 OZ X 2 5/8 X 1 5/8 X 14 3/4 EXC, A very interesting old Parker. RARE C.B. He was also recorded as being a stocker for Joseph Manton, probably from 1809 to 1820. Post some pictures and we could probably help you more. 2 5/8 in chambers, Parker Brothers Side by Side Hammer Shotgun, 12 Gauge, Fine untouched original condition Parker Grade 0 hammer gun with fascinating period original case and accessories, Beautiful early Parker Bros. 10ga Grade 4 Lifter - very scarce lightweight gun on a #2 Frame, Rare original Parker Bros. "Squirrel Poster" by Bert Sharkey. What is the reflection of the story of princess urduja? time period? This is done by firing the gun with an over load called proofing and if it does not blow up it has passed proofing. An E after the designated grade indicated the gun was fitted with ejectors rather than extractors. ANT. There will be no proof marks for guns made in the United States or Canada. The largest an best source I know of is Dixie Gun Works. ANTIQUE BELGIUM DOUBLE BARREL SXS SHOTGUN, Moora Double Barrel Hammer Shotgun. PARKER AAH LIVE BIRD GUNS PAIR 12 GAUGE. 30 Damascus barrels with 2 9/16th chambers and choked modified and modified. As well, since it is new - please read the following: This is a new forum - so you must REGISTER to this Forum before posting; If you are not a PGCA Member, we do not allow posts selling, offering or brokering firearms and/or parts; and BAYARD DOUBLE BARREL SXS SHOTGUN, 12 gauge, PARKER BROS. "P" GRADE DOUBLE BARREL SXS. William Parker 16-gauge, double barrel percussion shotgun, 19th C., lock plate stamped Wm. (1) W. Richards, William Moore & Co. side by side double barrel, Oval bowl, maker: "EP," London, 1822, twist, Moora Double Barrel Hammer Shotgun. Charles and his sons developed and perfected the early Parker shotgun design, and began manufacturing the first guns off their line in 1868. Laminated steel barrels! They even include an online process for identifying Parkers through steps including serial number, marking identifications, grade, and an online forum for other enthusiast and historians to identify and promote the history of each shotgun. Between 1874 and 1902, the forearm latch was developed, hammer gun production slowed in favor of hammerless guns, and the ejector system was developed. Click Here Where do I find the serial number of a parker london fine twist. Bores are excellent. 99 Compare (2) CVA Optima V2 LR 50 Caliber Realtree Xtra Green In-Line Muzzleloader - 28in $399. Come join the discussion about optics, hunting, gunsmithing, styles, reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more! Who is Jason crabb mother and where is she? There is still damascus twist pattern showing throught patina with much more showing underneath. In 1874 Charles King joined Parker Bros. Additionally, the advisability of entering the woods with a hammer gun presents its own set of ethical and moral questions that I will not dive into here. The final discriminating factor in gun selection was the grade of the gun. Barrels ranged from 24 inches to a remarkable 40 inches (primarily in trap or specialty guns). None of my references indicate that J. Manton and J. Manton London Fine Twist markings are attributable to any specific maker. ++ Two, Victorian Brass Mounted Calamander Lady's, DICKENS, Charles.Oliver Twist; or, the Parish, A lot of two British Pattern 1827 naval officer's. *PARKER PH GRADE DBL BBL DAMASCUS HAMMERLESS. Combined with the Purdy style underbite, the lock up on a Parker shotgun was far stronger than needed to contain the relatively mild pressures shot shells produced. Remove this pin (right to left ) and lift the barrels up and out of the stock.If the gun is a breech loader, remove the forearm and open the gun, The barrels will detach. In the 1980s, a rebirth of the classic shotgun hit the market. 54" long overall. Outdoor Hub, LLC (d/b/a Carbon Media Group), 30800 Telegraph Rd, Suite 1921, Bingham Farms, MI 48025 USA. Their address is: Thank you so much for all the info! It has W. Richards on the locks. Parker CHE collector condition special order forearm made in 1928. I would like any info on and old double barrel "London Tine Twist" shotgun Serial number # 277.73 This is the only markings I could locate on the gun! A Mixed Lot of Silver Spoons Including Gorham, A cased pair of large caliber English percussion, A WILLIAM IV TEAPOT, maker's mark IV, London, 9 DICKENS, CHARLES Group of two volumes bound, Seven Georgian Silver Table Articlesincluding, FINE PAIR OF LARGE 26-BORE SILVER MOUNTED, A THREE PIECE FRENCH EGYPTIAN REVIVAL BLACK, Charles Dickens (England, 1812-1870). Parker - DHE Grade, SxS, 0 Frame, 20ga. W Parker Blackpowder Shotgun Antique London Fine Twist - 13052241. The fit and finish on Parker guns is indicative of the level of attention to detail invested by the workers at the factory. SUPERIOR PARKER 12 GAUGE HAMMER TOP LEVER 0 GRADE DOUBLE BARREL SHOTGUN CIRCA 1885. 32 Twist steel bbls are engraved with makers name and "London" as well as "W. R. A. CO" in script on concave game rib. Nov 5, 2021 msub yellowjackets apparel on parker shotgun london fine twist stem cell therapy cost in usa. Parker shotguns were made in 8-, 10-, 12-, 14-, 16-gauge, 20-, and 28-gauge with the first .410 introduced in 1927. Parker Double-Barrel 10 ga. I'll take this and try taking the gun apart, again thank you! There is a brass shield on the underneath side of the stock but if there was a number there it is no longer readable. Mike, Those old "damascus double" underlever Belgians in condition as pictured do not bring much interest, except to a very few specialized collectors. Damascus barrels. Charles Daly side-by-side 12GA, double barrel. The gun and its distinguished name were brought back to life by Tom Skeuse, a chemical engineer and owner of several business ventures of note, including White Flier targets (which he purchased from Olin Industries). American, late 19th, PARKER P GRADE DAMASCUS HAMMER DOUBLE BARREL. Wiki User. HOLDEN TIP UP SINGLE. Shotguns) was an American firearms firm, mostly producing shotguns from 1867 to 1942. A sunburst brooch, Books: Large assortment of classic titles. What is the labour of cable stayed bridges? Parker- Twin Hammer. W PARKER BLACK POWDER DOUBLE BARREL SHOT GUN WITH RAM ROD "LONDON TWIST" STAMPED ON BARREL BUTT PL. I keep loads fairly low, 50-60 grains 2F, equal volume shot, and have collected a few rabbits with it. Zella Girl Organic Cotton Blend Twist T-Shirt $29. In Parker Brothers almost 80 years of business, it is presumed that they produced nearly 245,000 shotguns. A gunsmith could repair and must inspect before actual use. VERY NICE PARKER CHE DOUBLE BARREL 12 GAUGE SHOTGUN. Here we present an antique Parker of London Double Barrel 12 Gauge Percussion Shotgun, circa the 1860s in England. Antique PARKER BROTHERS Double Barrel SIDE x SIDE HAMMER Shotgun Stub Twist Classic Shotgun Made in 1888! Parker - VHE Grade, SxS, 00 Frame, Skeet Gun, 28ga. Biddle. The hang tags accompanying each gun indicated the loads for which the gun (and barrel steel) was designed. Joel Penkala is an Upland Bird Hunter and outdoors enthusiast from New Jersey. He runs English Setters in his home covers chasing Woodcock, Grouse, and Pheasants. I am pretty sure that the barrel is a damascus style of barrel which has prevented me from shooting the gun due to safety reasons. First the marking is NOT London Tine Twist. Ten gauge guns commonly had frame sizes of 3, 4, or 5. 3 being the heaviest to No. Smith Hammer SxS Shotgun. Parker - VHE Grade, SxS, RARE1/2 Frame, Late Production, 12ga. Many hammer guns only have the safety of having the hammers back, or not, leaving one with the temptation to bring the hammers back and walk through the woods with a live gun. Is the singer Avant and R Kelly brothers? (displays a limited sampling of the millions of priced results in our database), many more examples with full details are available to our members - Learn more, L.C. Rare #4 Frame 10ga Grade 2 Top Lever Parker Hammer Gun - A true tank of a gun at 11lbs 8oz! Parker Brothers VH 12GA REDUCED AGAIN! I feel like the gun was made in the 1870 1880? (displays a limited sampling of the millions of priced results in our database), many more examples with full details are available to our members - Learn more. 2 chambers, RARE vent rib barrels choked at M/F, straight grip, skeleton butt, Original Parker, Parker - VHE Grade, SxS, RARE Frame, Late Production, 12ga. Thy (if any will tell us where the gun was made and maybe when. The Parker Gun Collectors Association (PGCA) is among the most comprehensive shotgun clubs in the country, with a mission dedicated to obtaining Parker shotgun records and authenticate originals including a database. The three Parker Invincible Grade guns, made to celebrate the production of the 200,000th Parker Gun are in the NRA Museum Collection in Fairfax, Va. Antiques & Collectibles > Guns and Civil War Collectibles Auction. If the gun was made in England, it will have either crossed halberds (combination spear/battle axe) or secpters with a crown on top[ and letters in the intersections and if it was made in Belgium, the letters "ELG" in an oval with possibly a crown on top. The 16 gauge bar, Parker VHE 12 ga. High Condition, 32" Vulcan Steel Barrels choked modified and improved modified (.016/.023), 2-5/8" chambers. Here is the original source of the photos: Good information! After the war, Parkers entrepreneurial spirit and manufacturing background led him to a vision of a gun with manufactured parts but hand assembled to ensure quality. Featured Gun Classifieds Parker Shotguns - Antique, #152XXX #6 FRAME 36" DAMASCUS BARRELS WITH PERFECT BORES AND GREAT PATTERN ON THE BARRELS DOUBLE TRIGGER EXTRACTORS SPLINTER FOREARM PISTOL GRIP ORIGINAL UNTOUCHED CONDITION WITH CASE COLO, 12 gauge, 30" with the Whitworth steel barrels marked "PIGEON" , No. Click on the results to view more details Biddle. Buy PARKER SxS BLACK POWDER SHOTGUN, 12GA, 32" FINE LONDON TWIST BARRELS: GunBroker is the largest seller of Black Powder Rifles & Muzzleloader Rifles Black Powder & Muzzleloaders All: 973913234 . If you are registered to the forum and keep getting logged WEST PLAINS PAWN A+(11467) Seller's Other Items. ANTIQUE WILLIAM MOORE & CO SIDELOCK SHOTGUN, BELGIAN PERCUSSION SHOTGUN. H & J.W. The proof loads laid down in 1856 for double barrel shotguns of 13 gauge were for first or Provisional Proof 328 grains of powder behind a .690 ball of 493 grains. Full sidelock action is beautifully engraved in gam, Antique PARKER BROTHERS Double Barrel SxS VH Grade 0 Hammerless Shotgun 1896 Manufactured GRADE 0 SIDE by SIDE 12 Gauge Here we present an antique Parker Brothers Double Barrel, Antique PARKER BROTHERS Double Barrel SIDE x SIDE Grade 0 HAMMER Shotgun ICONIC Classic Shotgun Made in 1883 Here we present an antique Parker Brothers Grade 0 Double Barrel 12 Gaug. From 1818 to 1853 William Moore lived at Colchester Road, Edgeware. Parker - DHE Grade, 0 Frame, SxS, 20ga. 36 1/2" barrels are good with brown finish; Smooth bores show light . Thanked 29,974 Times in 11,462 Posts. $1,875.00. This engraving and marking is undoubtedly quite old, done after this gun was made, as there is no factory brown in lettering. Not to mention the famous clay shooters who performed feats with their Parker guns, presidents, and generals who all owned and shot the famous guns nicknamed Old Reliable. Parker guns are synonymous with upland shooting, and will forever be. FFL Top 100 Seller. To find out more check them out here: PGCA, Although a bit like the Freemasons of the upland hunting world. Very rare Parker Bros. Grade 2 (GH) 8ga hammerless - made on a #6 Frame with 36" barrels - a magnificent and rare beast! Parker Bros (also known at various times as Parker Brothers Manufacturing Company, Parker Brothers Guns, and Parker Bros. Serail# 226684 # 2 Frame, This Parker gun is a 10ga. Very early in the beginnings of Parker Reproduction Shotguns the owner, Tom Skeuse, PARKER BROTHERS DHE 20GA -- FACTORY HANGTAG -- 30" TITANIC STEEL BARRELS CHOKED FULL AND FULL -- PISTOL GRIP WITH ORIGINAL CAP -- SPLINTER FOREND -- EJECTORS -- TWIN BEADS -- SILVERS PAD -- GUN R, Parker Bros DH Grade 3 SXS MFG 1901 12 GA, 30" Titanic steel barrels, 2 3/4" chamber, IM/FULL (.024/.037), #2 frame, double triggers, extractor, non auto-safety, splinter forearm, ca, Parker Brothers VHE SXS Shotgun 16 GA 26" barrels, 2 1/2" chambers, IC/MOD (.005/.010), #1 Frame, double triggers, auto-ejectors, auto-safety, splinter forearm, capped pistol grip st, Parker Bros. DHE Grade 12ga, 30 Modify and Full Chokes, #2 Frame, serial #119XXX, Titanic steel barrels, beavertail forearm, selective single trigger, automatic ejectors, 14 len, Possibly the finest custom engraved Parker you will ever see. *RARE PARKER TRY-GUN DAMASCUS DBL BBL SHOTGUN. Steel Shot Special, Parker Reproduction DHE 20ga/16ga Two Barrel Set, Parker VHE 12 ga. High Condition 32" barrels. 9 OZS., 14 1/4" X 1 1/2" X 2 1/2", CC 75%, BL. Good bores. Parker shotguns are one of the most easily recognizable American-made boxlock shotguns due to the fact that their hinge pin was not hidden, but rather made prominent by design. Grips could be full pistol, semi-pistol or straight grip. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission, which supports our community. 28" RARE Vent Rib Barrels Choked M/F. There is a metal butt plate with etching and the . 2 Chambers, DHBP, pistol grip, Parker Single selective trigger, auto ejector, splinte. Antique c.1840 Probin Percussion ShotgunThis. Biddle. This gun is an antique with 32.5 inch barrels. In 1942, the last Parker shotgun was made and the end of an era for exquisite shotguns was reached. Zella Girl Supersoft Long Sleeve Twist Top $17. A forum community dedicated to Shotgun owners and enthusiasts including the Remington, Beretta, and Mossberg shotguns brands. *Not our quarterly print publication. Smith Double Barrel Shotgun. Parker GH 10 gauge SxS Grade II 30 Damascus bbls Pre 1898, 1879 Parker 12 Gauge, Under Lifter, Straight Stock, 44 Photos, PARKER BROS TOP-LEVER HAMMER 12 GA. 32" DAMASCUS IM/XF PRE-1898 ANTIQUE, PARKER BROS. TOP LEVER HAMMER 12 GA. 30" F/F, PARKER BROS GH 12 GA. 30" DAMASCUS F/F PRE-1898 ANTIQUE. Category: Boxlocks. The only three in existence, the Invincibles are said to be worth more than $5 million. Values for W. PARKER ENGLISH SHOTGUN; 12 ga., SxS double London fine twist barrels, percussion cap, Birmingham, ca. It, Parker - VH Grade, SxS, 16ga. H & J.W. Capped pistol grip stock, dogs head butt pate, gold shield, Vulcan barrels 225,xxx serial number, 1 frame, double triggers. I did go to the links you posted and enjoyed the sense of humor there. Made in 1941, 26 Barrels, 2 in chamber, matte rib with no, marked Sk, Parker - VHE Grade, SxS, 0 Frame, 20ga. If the marking can't be read because of rust and crud it needs th be cleaned off. Outdoor Hub, LLC (d/b/a Carbon Media Group), 30800 Telegraph Rd, Suite 1921, Bingham Farms, MI 48025 USA. Membership to the organization cost $40 annually, as well as life membership options ranging from $500 to $5000. Gun features automatic ejectors. This gun, made with 30" Laminated barrels, original checkered splinter for, Scarce early gun made on a #2 frame with 32" fine Damascus barrels. *PARKER PH GRADE DBL BBL DAMASCUS SHOTGUN. Membership comes with a subscription to the famous quarterly publication, the Parker Pages, exclusive access to member forums, discounted rates on Research Letters as well as access to PGCA events. Hero Member; Posts: 2872; Re: W. Richards double percussion shotgun Reply #1 on: February 06, 2021, 07:50:15 AM . Remington Model 1894 SxS Shotgun High Condition. RARE C.B. Parker - GHE Grade, SxS,1/2 Frame, Skeet Gun, 12ga. Serial, L.C. Parker Shotguns A Vintage Shotgun History, The Difference Between a Deutsch-Drahthaar and a German Wirehaired Pointer, Pheasant Hunting Ammo and Chokes A Pheasant Hunters Guide, Understanding Shotgun Chokes How to Choose a Choke Size for Hunting, German Shorthaired Pointer The Most Popular Versatile Dog in the World, 28-Gauge: The Exception of the Sub-Gauge Shotgun, Difference Between the Original Fox A Grade and the Savage Fox A Grade, Gordon Setter Breed History, Standards and Origins, Development and History of the Irish Red Setter, Weatherby Orion 20 Gauge: Over/Under Shotgun Overview, Harrington and Richardson Topper 58: A Shotgun Overview, The Upland Shooting Life, by George Bird Evans, New England Grouse Shooting, by William Harnden Foster. TRACE OF CASE ON THE RECEIVER. Parker was acquired by Remington Arms in 1934, though manufacturing continued in the Meridian factory until 1938 when production was fully moved to Ilion, N.Y. Production of the Parker shotgun slowed and eventually stopped in 1947 when the final gun left the Remington factory. As well, since it W PARKER BLACK POWDER DOUBLE BARREL SHOT GUN WITH RAM ROD "LONDON TWIST" STAMPED ON BARREL BUTT PLATE RUSTY FAIR CONDITION . . Parker Bros. It has a beautifully engraved receiver and excellent wood!
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