Worldwide, eight million children go missing each year. Nearby, Sarah Blessing had been working alone at a gift shop. The woman told authorities that Jasmine had left her home and ran out into the cold leaving her cellphone, purse and identification at the home. [15] In 2019, the same channel's People Magazine Investigates featured a tabloid-style episode titled "The Springfield Three". Dixie May Forrester, 6/11/1971, Springfield . Authorities searched a Commerce City landfill in March following her disappearance, but the search ended after four months. What I saw was a post about Cheryl Ann Scherer and there were some Photos found in a storage locker that looked like they could be Cheryl here is the info on these photos below. Stacy called her mother to tell her they instead decided to stay at a friends home in Battlefield, Missouri. Later, her purse and shoes were found inside the abandoned car. After autopsy, Moody was found to have died from a gunshot wound. According to the Trinity County Sheriffs Office, she vanished October 12, 2016, from the home she shared with her boyfriend. Some of these strange and mysterious disappearances include: the 1985 disappearance of Jody Ledkins, the 1991 abduction of Angela Marie Hammond, and the 1992 disappearances of Sherill Levitt, Suzie Streeter, and Stacy McCall, who are commonly known as the Springfield Three.. Wagner, who was from Versailles, was missing approximately 7 years before he was reported missing by his ex-wife. Sherrill Elizabeth Levitt was age 47 at the time of her disappearance. Around 16,639 of thosehomicides have been solved over the years, leaving approximately 6,384unresolved murders in Missouri as of the websites most recent update. Cold Case Investigations. [6] Janis frantically called police from the home's telephone to report the three women missing; after placing the call, while checking the phone's answering machine, she listened to a "strange message", but it was inadvertently erased from the tape. 1.7K Activity No new posts today 7 in the last month 1,722 total members No new members in the last week [6] Levitt and Streeter's cigarettes were also left inside the house. The girls had planned on staying at a hotel in Branson, Missouri, then visit the White Water amusement park in the morning. Even after working in this field for over 25 years, each case still perplexes me. Missouri. Who sent the note? I have extensively covered such cases on many occasions here before, but there are so many it sometimes seems never-ending. The following day around 9 a.m., Kirby and her boyfriend visited the house after Streeter and McCall failed to show up at her home; they had planned to spend the day at a water park, and were supposed to leave from Kirby's residence. Plenty of adults disappear as well. Sherrill Levitt's son and Suzanne Streeter's brother Bartt Streeter has previously maintained a blog on the case titled Streeter Family Blogg [sic]. Then, five years later, a skull was found in the bushes outside what had been Linda's favorite restaurant. If you have any information about any of these cases, please contact your local authorities. West Central Missouris Spring-like Weather Ending, Will We See Snow? 19 year old Cheryl Ann Scherer went missing from her work at Roades Pump-Ur-Own-Service Station on Main Street in Scott City Missouri on April 17, 1979. In addition to law enforcement, as of Project: Cold Cases most recent website update, there are about 6,384 Missouri cold cases. . (1) Cheryl ran away with a friend or boyfriend and didn't want anyone to know where she was going. The case is still under investigation. 6 STRANGE UNSOLVED MISSOURI MISSING PERSONS CASES Thank for watching! The Oklahoma Medical Examiner's Office is in the process of entering information for each unidentified person in Oklahoma into the NamUs system. Create a free profile to get unlimited access to exclusive videos, breaking news, sweepstakes, and more! She also said the parking garage began construction in September 1993, over a year after the disappearances. Do we as a culture just want to find missing women more? The 3-year-old was camping with her family near Joshua Tree National Park in California in October 1984 when she went missing. But the 20-year-old wasn't alone when it happened. . After driving around the block, it pulled up beside her. Butler County Total Active Missing 19 If you have information concerning missing persons please contact the nearest law enforcement agency or the Michigan State Police at 855-642-4847. So it got me to thinking; how many of these cases of missing persons do we have? One of Dana's family members grew concerned because Dana left her kids at the baby sitter over night and that was unusual. While the fear of being kidnapped may persist for one's entire life, in 2021 the number of missing persons under the age of 21 was much . The original Unsolved Mysteries which ran from 1987 to 2002 actually yielded some impressive results. They were seen playing with a man near the water, and a police officer said he saw them walking home around 3 p.m. OnlyInYourState may earn compensation through affiliate links in this article. The girls had planned on staying at a hotel in Branson, Missouri, then visit the White Water amusement park in the morning. The information is derived from the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) via the investigating agency and is but has not been seen since. When authorities arrived at the scene nothing seemed to be disturbed other than a smashed porch light. This is what was on display when she entered a relationship with Kris Klemp while she was still married to Gary McCullough, "Unsolved Mysteries" explained. Then, out of nowhere, there was a scream from Angela. In 1985 Linda Sherman had been working at the U.S. Records Center in St. Louis. In 2020, more than 540,000 people went missing, including more than 340,000 juveniles, according to the data. I hope not. Because of its size and population, homicides in Jefferson City, Missouri,appear to be significantly lessprevalent than in other largeMissouri cities. Stories of the Unsolved Missing Persons, Unsolved January 5, 2022 One comment EARLY LIFE: Bianca Noel Piper was born as the youngest of three girls on December 26, 1991. We hold major institutions accountable and expose wrongdoing. If he fell off the grid, he did it really, really well. Although classified as a non-family abduction, the case of Cheri Barnes may be alive and well after being raised by her stepfather's family, not even realizing she's considered a missing person. The money still remains outstanding, according to "Unsolved Mysteries. Locked from the outside. Shawn Gallagher - missing since 7/3/10 Shawn Gallagher was last seen June 3, 2010 at Freeman Hospital in Joplin. True Crime Buzz: Snapped Takes On Betty Broderick And Mary Kay Letourneau Dies at 58, Photo: She had two little ones left at the babysitter, and huge red flags went up. Kieran Clarke from Newton Abbot on August 23, 2019: Thank you for producing this article, it proves that every individual has not been forgotten and there are many who hope and pray they are found. I mean, it's been long enough that I think she didn't run off of her own decision. He said he tried to get her to stay at his home, but she left in her vehicle. ABOUT IOWA COLD CASES; GONE COLD: About the Weekly Series; ABOUT JODY EWING; FAQ; GUEST BLOGGING; HOMICIDES. Among the most well-known or infamous Missouri murders that remain unsolved to this day are the 1981 murder of Ken McElroy and the 1992 murder of Tammy Zywicki, along with many well-known missing persons cases. On August 14th, 2005, twenty-six-year-old Amanda Jones disappeared from Festus, Missouri. This one I don't know as much about, to be honest. [1] The pair planned to spend the night at their friend Janelle Kirby's house, but when they decided Kirby's house was too crowded, they instead left to go to Streeter's (and thus Levitt's) home at 1717 East Delmar Street to retire for the night. Lists of people who disappeared include those whose current whereabouts are unknown, or whose deaths are unsubstantiated. Though she was declared dead in 2001, police still think there's a possibility of solving the case. If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Logan Schiendelman, please call the Thurston County Sheriffs Office at 360-786-5599. Case files for Doe Network missing and unidentified persons submitted by law enforcement or medical examiners . Suzanne Streeter, 19, along with her mother, Sherrill Levitt, 47, and best friend Stacy McCall, 18, all vanished June 7, 1992, from Springfield, Missouri. information relating to missing and unidentified persons by the creation of the Missing Person Check out never-before-seen content, free digital evidence kits, and much more! If you have any information about the disappearance of Corinna Slusser, please call NYPD at 800-577-TIPS (8477). Marital Status: Engaged Characteristics: Caucasian female with brown hair and brown eyes. Here are stories of 10 missing persons and disappearances. These photos were discovered by the police in the storage unit that belonged to, and in the forum it is said that police were notified and made aware of the strong resemblance the lady in this photo has to Cheryl Ann Scherer. Then someone complains the water is gross. Investigators continue to work on this case and hope that one day they will be able to bring answers and closure to Cheryl's family! Corrina was on Facebook and Instagram daily, but all social media activity has since stopped. Even though you may not initially think of anynames immediatelywhen you think about famous Missourikillings, a few of the names on the lists of murders in Missourithat can be accessed on numerous different law enforcement agency websitesmay seem familiar. [9] However, their case files are still officially filed under "missing". Raised by his grandmother, she pinged his cellphone, revealing that Logan was in the area of his mother in Olympia. She was found not guilty in 2015. POPLAR BLUFF, Mo. Love Missouri? Read More Below Photo: Rhoades Pump UR Own Gas Station in Scott City, Missouri But the case went cold because no one was willing to talk at the time until Lena apparently couldn't keep Gary's apparent death a secret anymore, "Unsolved Mysteries" showed. There are no new leads. None of the three were seen again. Information is power. ViCAP Unidentified Persons. Surprisingly, Missourihas had moreMissourimurderers than you may thinkduring its long history. US residents can opt out of "sales" of personal data. This list may not reflect recent changes (). I wonder why I haven't heard about this one before. Law enforcement in Missouri did not immediately respond to requests for comment about the case. This case has since remained unsolved. Total Active Missing Adults 605 Excel Showing 1 to 100 of 605 entries If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Stacey Smart, please call the Trinity County Sheriffs Office at 530-623-3740. After the police were called due to a noise complaint, the two girls headed over to Sherrills house to spend the rest of the night. For some reason I have really taken an interest in crime shows and unsolved cases, things like that. ALBANY, GA (WALB) - According to NamUS, over 600,000 people go missing each year in the United States, ranging from young children to older individuals. The case continues through civil litigation, when theMcCullough family fileda wrongful death lawsuit in 2006, according to the Monett Times. Lists. Bobby was 4 years old when he went missing during a fishing trip, and eight months later, police believed they had found him traveling with a man named William Walters. She's now married to a man named Joe Wink and is apparently raising Lena's son as her own, law enforcement told the Monett Times. In second-stage of career life, this former college instructor enjoys contributing to OIYS, blogging, reading, and spending time with her kids. Inside was a note on the restaurant's flier saying, "THE BRIDGETON POLICE HAVE L. SHERMAN'S SKULL". On October 4, 2008 Dana left her kids with a baby sitter so she could go out with a male friend to Malone's on Main Street. You may search for missing persons in the state of Nebraska using any one of the fields below or a combination of fields. 3: What Happened to the Springfield Three? Some say Disney is being extremely secretive about the information they have. Sarah was reported missing on July. Case. She has not been seen since. If you have any information about the disappearance of Cheryl Ann Scherer please contact the Scott County Sheriffs Office at. She hung up and immediately received another call of a sexual nature, again hanging up the phone. Staceys daughter Nicole Santos said her mother usually celebrated Halloween with her but when she didnt show up at her home that night, Santos went looking for her the following day and found out her mothers friends had not seen her for weeks. The following individuals are listed as missing. Charlenes body was not recovered; however, they did locate some of her clothes, now undergoing DNA testing to see if they link to a suspect in her disappearance. Sarah Burton, age 29 (at the time of her disappearance), was last seen on July 16, 2018, in the vicinity of 10th Street and Rex Avenue in Joplin, Missouri. None of them returned home and they were all good friends, so it's possible they were together. You'll receive your first newsletter soon! . Karena McClerkin, Denise Pflum, Lauren Spierer: three women go missing in America's Corn Belt, a place where those who have vanished have left no trace. Lena talked about her mother shooting Gary to death in a recorded conversationplayed on "Unsolved Mysteries." - Manage notification subscriptions, save form progress and more. His drivers license and all documentation has expired. Missing Persons Cold Case Looking For Someone Unsolved Beautiful Soul A young mother of two boys vanished from Buckhorn on Jan. 24, 2004, nearly 12 years ago. (3) Cheryl was abducted or taken against during a robberygone bad her will. On September 28, 1988, a 19-year old girl named Tara Calico left her home in Belen, New Mexico to go bike riding on Highway 47. This article includes a list of lists. (If they've been left standing. Scherer's disappearance remains unsolved. des Pump-Ur-Own-Service station on Main Street in Scott City Missouri. Stacy's parents were worried when they could not locate their daughter and called the police. For further information regarding a missing person, please contact the investigating agency. They find her body later inside a rooftop water container. She was four months pregnant at the time of her . The Springfield Three refers to an unsolved missing persons case that began on June 7, 1992, when friends Suzanne "Suzie" Streeter and Stacy McCall, and Streeter's mother, Sherrill Levitt, went missing from Levitt's home in Springfield, Missouri, United States. This one is also quite a bit scarier. Many people who disappear are eventually declared dead in absentia.Some of these people were possibly subjected to enforced disappearance, but there is insufficient information on their subsequent fates.. He was supposed to go to a drug . Kym L Pasqualini (author) from Carefree, AZ on November 03, 2019: Paula, thank you so much for your comments! Angela has never been seen again, and her abductor and possible murderer are still unknown. Both Sandy Wink and Kris Klemp declined to speak with "Unsolved Mysteries." Law enforcement in Missouri did not immediately respond to requests for comment about the case. Petersen also recounted that onthe day Gary McCulloughdisappeared, Sandy told the family to tell anyone they didn't know what happened to him. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Ships that never sailed home, and missing person posters, fluttering in cold, Alaskan air. Police later estimated that the crime scene had been corrupted by ten to twenty people who visited Levitt's house. On December 31, 1992, a man called the America's Most Wanted hotline with information about the women's disappearances, but the call was disconnected when the switchboard operator attempted to link up with Springfield investigators. McCall's folks reached police in reference to their little girl's vanishing from Levitt's home over 16 hours after the ladies were most recently seen, and other stressed loved ones called and went to the home the next day. The only good news would be for these cases to be solved..certainly on a positive note or at least in some way to bring closure for those who have searched, hoped and prayed for so long. No one can confirm much of what actually happened, which has made the case very difficult to solve. The disappearance was not reported until 2008, when the McCullough lawsuit subpoenaed Lena for testimony and found that she had disappeared. The case has been featured on shows such as 48 Hours and America's Most Wanted. [6] Inside the house, Kirby found Levitt and Streeter's dog, a Yorkshire Terrier named Cinnamon, who appeared agitated; while inside, Kirby also answered a "strange and disturbing call" from an unidentified male who made "sexual innuendos". If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Charlene Voight, please call Littleton Police Department at 303-794-1551. Only some debris has been found, even after searchers scoured 46,000 feet of ocean floor. They had a stormy 10-year marriage, with possible abuse. Is she still alive living away from where she went missing or did someone do something horrible to her. Paul Hawthorne, Getty Images Amityville Horror House: Then Famous missing person cases such as the . Unfortunately, his car transmission was damaged, and the car failed. If anyone has any information about the missing persons below, please contact the Joplin Police at (417)623-3131. . She was a cosmetologist at a local salon, and was a single mother described as being very close to her daughter, Suzanne Elizabeth "Suzie" Streeter. Experience History Aboard A Guided Trolley Tour Of St. Louis, Missouri, Few People Know About This Missouri Nature Area With Some Of The Midwests Largest Glades, Missouris Worlds Of Fun Has A Brand New Roller Coaster Thats Opening In 2023, This Candy Store in Missouri Was Ripped Straight From The Pages Of A Fairytale, 8 Shocking Things You Had No Idea Happened In Missouri, These 5 Urban Legends In Missouri Will Keep You Awake At Night, This Spooky Small Town In Missouri Could Be Right Out Of A Horror Movie, This Disturbing Event In Missouri Is So Creepy It Inspired A Movie, f. "I-70 Western Missouri". Authorities were uncertain if Cox was involved in the case or if he was seeking recognition for the alleged murders by issuing false statements. Approximately 4,400 unidentified bodies are recovered each year. Tara Calico. [6], McCall's parents contacted police in reference to their daughter's disappearance from Levitt's home more than sixteen hours after the women were last seen, and other worried friends and family called and visited the home the following day. The original database became too large so I have split it up in three: A-G, H-N, O-Z. The information that you can provide can help to bring closure to the families and friends of victims involved with cold cases. Lauren Spierer was last seen walking barefoot around her college town at around 4:30 a.m. in June 2011. In 2004, DNA testing proved that the boy found was not Bobby Dunbarand so the case remains unsolved. She disappeared that year in February with Sandy claiming she ran off to Florida with a new boyfriend, and leaving her current boyfriend and son behind. The only physical evidence left at the scene was a broken porch light. Sherill had been home that evening and the girls arrived at approximately 2:15 a.m. These are sad stories to read, and while they may spark our interest, it is also important to spread the word so that maybe, just maybe, some closure can be given. posters, after she disappeared from her bus stop one day after school. She looks me straight in the eye and tells me 'you find a body and I'll take a polygraph,'" retired Barry County Sheriff Mick Epperly told producers. They went to Streeter's (and Levitt's) home to turn in. [2] Investigation Discovery aired "The Springfield Three" on its Disappeared TV series. (KY3) - Monday marks 29 years since the disappearance of three women from Springfield, a cold case known as "The Springfield Three." On June 7, 1992, Suzie Streeter, 19, her. Three Australian siblings, Jane, 9, Arnna, 7, and Grant, 4, went to the beach and never returned. automatically updated to the webpage. View the Missouri State Highway Patrol Missing Persons website ; Missing Persons. To this day the disappearance of Cheryl Ann Scherer still remains unsolved. In 1985 Linda Sherman had been working at the U.S. Records Center in St. Louis. I found quite a few, but I'll focus on five here. 17 year old Kara Kopetsky disappeared from Belton, Missouri on May 4, 2007. Both McCullough and Chapin are still listed as missing persons by the Missouri State Highway Patrol. On New Year's Eve 2020, someone wrote a cryptic message on a billboard of missing news anchor Jodi Huisentruit, who vanished in June of 1995. In fact, in the spring of 1985, Linda was planning a divorce. Then they find (and release) security camera footage of her in the hallways and elevators that show her behaving super strange the night of her disappearance and it never shows anyone else near her. SPRINGFIELD, Mo. [2][4] Levitt was last heard from at approximately 11:15p.m. on June 6 when she spoke with a friend on the phone about painting an armoire.[5]. He started searching for him but had no leads until 1986 when the records were finally released due to the Freedom of Information Act. [2] Levitt and Streeter were declared legally dead in 1997. Maybe we'll find out someday. Another good reason that this scenario was not what had happened is that Cheryl was a good hard worker and from what I have read liked her job so in my opinion she wouldn't have left the service station unattended if she was the only one working. John Wayne Gacy's house has since been torn down and replaced with a new residence, built on the same land where Gacy reportedly buried many of his victims. The table shows all of the reported and active missing persons statistics for Missouri. Petersen in a terrifying scene recounted in "Unsolved Mysteries" recalled Kris Klemp threatening to shoot her after she told her mother she would talk to authorities. Jasmine had met a woman through social media and traveled from her home in Texas to Detroit to visit the woman and her family for the Thanksgiving holiday. The truck got away. While a neighbor was watching the baby so the mother could put the groceries away, the two girls grabbed the baby and disappeared. "She was very good at telling people what to hear," Klemp's second husband Albert McCullough told filmmakers of his ex-wife, describing her as manipulative. One witness saw a stranger enter his business, look around, and leave again. In the world of mysterious vanishings of people who have disappeared without a trace there is perhaps no more widely known set of tomes than The Missing 411 series of books, by retired law enforcement officer and dogged researcher of missing persons David Paulides. Kara Kopetsky. Her parents, Shannon Tanner and David Piper, divorced in 1993, and David moved to Fredericktown, Missouri to work as a truck driver. Get an all-access pass to never-before-seen content, free digital evidence kits, and much more! When I read about a case like this from a investigative standpoint there are many scenarios that come to mind that could have happened. In 2021, journalist Anne Roderique-Jones launched The Springfield Three: A Small-Town Disappearance podcast. Furthermore, the Federal Bureau of Investigation compiles and publishes a Uniform Crime Report each year, which covers the many different types of crimes committed, crime statistics and rates, and the general locations where crimes are committed in most cities and counties in every state in the United States. [7] All personal property was left behind including purses, money, cars, keys, cigarettes, and the family dog.[8]. A native Midwesterner with a love for family, friends, and learning new things. QuestionPro provides unparalleled insights and just launched enterprise features including Communities, Customer Experience, Workforce and Mobile. The children's remains still haven't been found, over 70 years later. Killed? The patrol said it suspects foul play in McCullough's disappearance and a court has declared him dead. He drove towards the pay phone, then the abductor's truck sped past in the other direction. It's mind-blowing to me. Sherrill Levitt, Suzie's mom, was last seen roughly 11:15 p.m. on June 6 when she talked with a companion on the telephone about painting an armoire. Letters were later sent to their parents, saying they were being held hostage, but those were later found to be a hoax. However, she later recanted her statement and said that Cox had asked her to say that. childrenofthecornbread Advertisement 11. Although there is no single database or list of the unsolved murders in northern Missouri, or the unsolved murders in Jefferson City, Missouri, there are plenty of east Missouri unsolved murders that can be found much more easily. "Unsolved Mysteries" is available to stream on Netflix. While most of these cases have happy endings, some remain unsolved tragedies. [2][4][5] Police also noted Levitt's bed had been slept in. Former Scott County sheriff Bill Ferrell questioned serial killer Henry Lee Lucas in the 1980s about Cheryl Ann Scherer's disappearance. QuestionPro provides unparalleled insights and just launched enterprise features including Communities, Customer Experience, Workforce and Mobile. For instance, in the US alone, at any given moment, there are roughly 100,000 active missing persons cases, 60 percent of which are adults over 18. In my cold case database you can find all the cases that are discussed on my website. [6] Upon arriving, Kirby found the home's front door unlocked and entered the home, but found no sign of Streeter, McCall, or Levitt; each of the women's cars were parked outside. It was not until about 2:20 a.m. that they picked them up at this location. Robbie dropped the phone and got in his vehicle to save her. The most fucked-up part? Another one ofLena's sisters Robin Shoemaker told "Unsolved Mysteries" that she saw her mother and Kris Klemp carrying out what looked to her like Gary McCullough's body out of the house, wrapped up in something. Two men start searching for a piece of pipe to try and fix their vehicle. More than 30 years later, Fisher's estranged wife was charged with first-degree murder. If you are searching for information on a missing person, please access the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs) website. 835 talking about this. For example, evidence could include blood, saliva, or other DNA evidence, fingerprints, firearms, andmost commonly, ColeCounty murders crime scene photos, which show the jury the environment surrounding the crime scene, the locations of any important items of evidence, and any other factors that may have an impact. If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of Suzanne Streeter, Stacy McCall or Sherrill Levitt, please call the Springfield Police Department at 417-864-1810. The information is derived from the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) via the investigating agency and is automatically updated to the webpage each day. (573) 545-3525 all photos from this story/case are below. Based on these archival statistics, the homicide rates in both Jefferson Cityand Missourias a whole appear to be steadily increasing every year. In 2012, Bryant told investigators the last time he saw Lena was on the morning of Feb. 14, 2006, when he kissed her and left for work, The Monett Times reported. Between 1980 and 2019, there were about 23,023homicides in Missouri, according to Project: Cold Case. The man got out and used the phone before getting back into his truck. That was the last conversation Olevia ever had with her daughter Cheryl. Over a year later, an envelope was sent to the police department. Out of all the leads Lt. Bledsoe has received the strongest on was the 2007 arrest of.
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