At first Tony is uninterested, but upon seeing how depressed Arlo is, Tony decides to help out on one condition. Manage all your favorite fandoms in one place! Realizing that he was just trying to distract him from the reunion, Arlo refuses to accept the change, but Ansel once again tells Arlo he's not his father and sends him away. So weak. Arriving in a swamp, Arlo is adopted and raised by a woman named Edme. It would explain why she seems bent on making sure Arlo stayed in the swamp more so then just wanting all creatures there at her fingertips. Released by Capitol Records in 2021 containing music from Arlo the Alligator Boy (2021). She then tells Arlo the reason she kept him isolated is she feared of what would happen to her, rather than him, and now that he's all grown up, he's ready to see the world himself. Ansel mournfully tells Arlo that he is not his father, passing him off as a kid from the foundation after he is sent back down the elevator. Regrouping in Times Square, Arlo's friends tell him they've found no information about his dad, but they did lose the bus. Arlo's story is told from the point of view of his mother, who is a single mother of two children. Ansel, however, is uncertain and believes there's been a mistake, but when Arlo shows him the bracelet from his childhood, Ansel turns him down and tells him he is not his father and can't be. Just before the poachers could take Arlo back to the swamp, Bertie holds the Beast back, while a winged figure saves Arlo -- that figure turns out to be Ansel, who reveals to the crowd his true identity as a bird-man, and admits Arlo is indeed his son, having forsaken him. To his surprise, the doorman is enamored by Arlo and allows him access, and the group quietly departs. Arlo's strength and alligator abilities are based on his emotions. Click here to view the various designs of Arlo Beauregard. But he's portrayed as extremely intelligent while also having a difficult time empathizing with people like Arlo, which are common traits associated with those on the autism spectrum (speaking as someone with Asperger's myself). Arlo was Michael J. Woodard's first acting role as well as his first voice role. Was the mom also an alligator/human or just an alligator? 03 Jun . TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Arlo happily accepts and leads everyone in the song Beautiful Together, embracing he finally found his true home. About; British Mark; Publication; Awards; Nominate; Sponsorship; Contact When Arlo shows the page of New York City, Tony bonds with him and reveals he has a father there living in Little Italy. Each character is a metaphor for a real-world marginalized group. Upset at his potential new image, Arlo confronts Ansel, saying he made it all this way to meet him, so he'd be happy to see him after all these years. He has a few chin hairs under his lower jaw, and a slight blush with three freckles on each cheek. I thought she was a hooker and she just bailed, Bruh- XD I don't think they would put that in a kids movie, But I thought she just died. Some time later, Arlo sends Edme a postcard, letting her in on his new life, which she is proud of. April 16, 2021 at 7:00 a.m. EDT . Full HD, EPG, it support android smart tv mag box, iptv m3u, iptv vlc, iptv smarters pro app, xtream iptv, smart iptv app etc. Though he is eager to help out with chores, this sheltered Apatosaurus just can't seem to get past his fear of everything. When he refuses, the Beast, acting as their associate, barges in and threatens more harm unless they tell. was a reliable partner. Arlos mom and Ansel are unaware of each other's secrets. The animat. Arlo and the gang reach the ballroom where the gala is taking place, astounded by its atmosphere. However, Arlo became the first person to accept her for who she is, and he begins to feel a little better. As seen in the trailer, he's going to reappear too. Above the stage, a shadowed, winged figure thrusts down from the sky, attacks the hunters and saves Arlo, astounding the guests, Bertie, and Tony's gang, and the second he is brought back to the stage, Arlo discovers the winged figure is Ansel, who winks at him; Ansel then rips off his pants, exposing bird legs on perches coming out of his shoes, and steps into the full light. Arlo The Alligator Boy: Better Life. Arlo tells Edme the truth and how lonely he feels, and she understands as it's natural for many people his age and longs to see the world beyond. Also, him being a bird man could be a reference to how birds such as corvids and parrots are considered some of the smartest animals just below humans, just like how individuals with Asperger's are often stereotyped as having unusual intelligence. In the interview, Ansel has chosen an old run-down boardwalk neighborhood called Seaside by the Seashore as part of his next big project which he'll announce at the upcoming Met Gala. She reveals to Arlo because of her size, she never stayed around the same people for so long. His mother, Soon, had emi- father got home from work. Over the years, Edme rears Arlo in as her own, and Arlo grows into a fun-loving boy and gains a passion for music, as well as curiosity over the world outside the swamp. Arlo the Alligator Boy is a 2021 American 2D animated adventure musical film directed by Ryan Crego in his directorial debut. Leaving his group after finding a way to talk to him, Arlo is told by Ansel that he is not his son, but Arlo disagrees. He brushes his teeth at least once a month, as revealed in ". Arlo the Alligator Boy He ends up driving through the 50s neighborhood of Willow Button, where he experiences a sugar rush; unknown to him, however, he is spied upon by Lawrence, an agent who works for two poachers, Ruff and Stucky, who own a failing alligator experience in the swamp. A musician goes to lead a festival on a scenic island, where he begins an unexpected romance and finds himself entwined in other people's problems. However, while watching, there were a few things that felt worth noting if you're planning to watch Arlo the Alligator Boy with younger or more sensitive kids keep reading to learn more. Ansel and Arlo having a Father and Son bonding moment. Furlecia reminds Arlo that since he met her and Tony's gang, their lives have changed, especially Tony who no longer cares about just money and pizza, having been taught the value of friendship. He does "wild thrashing" to distract himself from being sad, as shown in ". Instead, he decides to live with his friends, finally making them important to the plot, and closes off the show with an upbeat . Arlo is the main character of The Good Dinosaur. Arlo speaks with an African-Cajun accent. When he sees a riverboat against Edme's wishes, he is astounded by the many nice people on it and imagines himself mingling with them. 15 Feeling pressured to prove it for the sake of him, Edme decides to give him a late birthday party and begins launching into a ritual where she gets a homemade birthday cake out of the fridge, gives Arlo a special straw hat, and starts singing a birthday song she wrote which he loves. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. The mom was fully human, and thought Ansel was also fully human, so when Arlo was born she would have felt decieved and might have freaked out and ran away literally second 1, thus the lack of name registered. This film marks the acting debut of singer Mary Lambert and. Upon arrival at the apartment building where Ansel resides, he shares a final farewell with Bertie before entering and fully convincing the doorman, causing his newfound friends to leave him be. Arlo is half-alligator, meaning he's human but with the appearance of an alligator. [5], On the review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes, 85% of 20 critics' reviews are positive, with an average rating of 7.3/10. But because Ansel was concealing his bird-man appearance and feared Arlo would expose who he really is, he was . Once inside, Edme gets out an old box which is a gift for Arlo; he refuses to open it though, unless it's his birthday today, despite his birthday was forty-two days ago. as for his adopted mother making the weird face after arlo asked about his mom I'm thinking she knows more than she lead on and that's what we'll see in the series, Okay, That's actually a good point you got there, That could also explain why ansel was about to cry, Probably realizing she cheated on him and left him with the child to raise who wasn't even his. Having escaped from the train, Bertie suggests they stay someplace to lay low for the night; Arlo suggests a nearby barn. In early artworks, the top of Arlo's snout was green; in the final version, it is yellow. Fifteen years prior to the events of the franchise, Arlo was born to Ansel Beauregard and an unnamed mother, at Bellevue Hospital in New York City. As a result, she spends most of her time at home with her two kids. Should it be the case of the latter, then it would be 20 11-minute segments complied into 10 half-hours. Marcellus, however, promises to go as long as there aren't any kids present. The film premiered on Netflix on April 16, 2021,[3] and received positive reviews from critics. Ansel then asks Arlo to give him another chance and move back in with him. The two escape just in time for the hunters to miss them by a second, but the Beast happens to track down Arlo's footprints. Seaside by the Seashore, Brooklyn, New York City (currently)The Swamp (formerly) Realizing he's not from the swamp but from the city, Arlo believes his biological parents may still be around; he reads further and gets the father's name, Ansel T. Beauregard, but the mother's name is not listed. With Michael J. Woodard, Ryan Crego, Dee Bradley Baker, Annie Potts. His dreams of finding his father have been stripped from him, . rickety-biscuit.". Seaside by the Seashore is based on Coney Island, a boardwalk and neighborhood in Brooklyn. She does have mind control powers coupled with the lack of a name on Arlos tag maybe she wiped peoples mind of her existence? Bertie manages to stick up for Arlo, but Tony is still unforgiving over losing his one shot of being rich; Furlecia shrugs him off and knows that despite having a temper, he still has a big heart. Suddenly, Arlo realizes they're at Seaside by the Seashore -- the same boardwalk neighborhood from the interview and model -- which is going to be torn down very soon. Back in Willow Button, Arlo has mistaken a mailbox for a "mobile home" and scared off the mailman trying to put a delivery in. Over thirty songs were written for the film before settling with the batch that made it into the final product. At first Arlo is uncertain, not wanting to handle being rejected again, but his friends have the utmost confidence in him and promise to stick by his side. Arlo Beauregard Once inside, Edme presents Arlo a special gift, but Arlo refuses to accept it unless it's his birthday; to prove it's today, Edme launches into a special birthday ritual which Arlo loves. Arlo excitedly asks the gang to drive them there, but Tony refuses, upon not having the feel for a charity trip. Ruff and Stucky are soon close to taking Arlo away unguarded but are interrupted by the sound of a shrill cry from above the gala. He's also accepting of others, and is proud to appreciate himself and his friends the way they are. Since then, he has left the swamp and journeyed back to his birth home, assembling a friendship circle consisting of a group of abnormal misfits like him -- Bertie the teenage giantess, Teeny Tiny Tony the rat man, Furlecia the hairball, Alia the tigress, and Marcellus the reverse merman. The whole audience finds this special, even Ruff and Stucky who realize it was wrong of them to capture Arlo and embrace. The boat is seen later on (having been located and commandeered by Marcellus), but what happened to Ruff and Stucky is left unknown. By - November 18, 2021. The evidence is flimsy, but the only possible directions this could go is that she is either dead or was a, Better yet, it could be a parody of hate groups like the, the twist is the Antagonist is revealed to be. "The last to hatch among his siblings and the smallest, 11-year-old Arlo has yet to make his mark on his family's farm. Luckily, Edme rigs her shack with a self-destruct mechanism causing it to explode, freeing everyone and sending them flying onto a train, and destroying the Bog Lady and ending her reign forever. The following day, the bus finally reaches New York City, and the gang is fascinated by its surroundings and aspects. In song, Arlo bonds with Bertie and reassures her that she's better than she thought. Arlo's red hair color came from his mother. Once on the train, Arlo is astounded by the travel, wondering if it will stop or go on forever and ever. It serves as the pilot to I Arlo and it was presented in Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. Bertie is reluctant, but Arlo happily accepts, on account he has a whole group of friends now. As a teenager, Arlo wishes to interact with other people but fears his alligator appearance will not be accepted by society. Duets between Arlo and Ansel, and maybe one between Ansel and Bertie. [14], Israel Sanchez, Margaret Wuller, Michelle Haejung Park, Kayla Jones, and Tania Franco, Ryan Crego and Alex Geringas (for "Follow Me Home"), Last edited on 11 February 2023, at 17:24, Outstanding Achievement for Editorial in an Animated Television/Broadcast Production, Outstanding Achievement for Production Design in an Animated Television/Broadcast Production, Outstanding Achievement for Voice Acting in an Animated Television/Broadcast Production, "Colorful swamp misfits make their way to NYC in Netflix's, "Activism, Netflix dominate Kidscreen Awards nominations",, "Ariana Grande, Beyonce & More Vie for Hollywood Music in Media Awards: Complete Film Nominations List",, This page was last edited on 11 February 2023, at 17:24. He first meets a couple, Sandra June and Bradley Alouicious, who end up scared out of their car which Arlo has no knowledge of using. Arlo came into 2020 with the momentum of a new album on deck - his first with a producer and a street team - and an international tour booked. Entertainment Weekly. something happened that. None of the others looked similar either. By the time Lawrence informs the two of Arlo's prescience, they believe his appearance would make them rich and tourists would want to see something like him, prompting the two to pursue him along with their creature, The Beast. You'd think that she'd try and stop Ansel from leaving their son. He wiggles his tail quickly when excited or curious about something. 0. At the same time though, Ansel begins expressing a similar problem of his own which involves a big secret he's been keeping, which he worries would upset Arlo more if he reveals the truth. They mostly involve an ominous "beast"; it's kept in the shadows for much of the movie, but it threatens others with its large size, ferocious growl, and . Meaning his mom completely disowned him. Arlo is drifting away, separated from everyone he cares about, lost in a city he doesn't know. I don't think he and the woman were married and it sounds like she took off after the fact (at first I thought she might have died but they don't really elaborate well enough). However, Arlo is still upset he didn't get the answers he was looking for and begins to consider Ansel might not be his dad after all, and even if he is, he wouldn't admit it. At first Arlo is content and enjoys Ansel's company, but when being hustled out, Arlo realizes Ansel was only trying to distract him from what's important and was trying to get him to change if he wants to fit in, as that's all the advice he can give him. He attempts to hide his true nature as a, 20 episodes have been ordered; either the first season will most likely run the whole length ordered or split in half, like what happened with. She then tells Arlo to set the snail loose, as there's a special gift, she's been wanting to give him all this time. Voice He's portrayed as a human-fish hybrid, and is rescued from being imprisoned in an aquarium. With that Bertie agrees to come with him, but the train is soon halted by Ruff and Stucky following after them. Ansel is momentarily impressed by Arlo's determination, and Arlo promises to leave him alone but needs to know the truth so he can stop thinking about it. If his dads name is on their it means he had a partly open adoption where Arlo would have the option to find him when he was 18+, but only if he reached out to the hospital. He tells her that despite the fact he's not allowed to leave the swamp and mess around with the riverboats, he has secretly longed to explore the world outside. The following day, Arlo meets up with Edme on the porch, who tells him it's time and he should head for his real home. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from when Arlo reveals he gave the money back to the barn folk is used in ". In the end, Arlo and Bertie watch the sunset on the beach, officially accepting Seaside By the Seashore as where they truly belong. Soon after, Arlo interrupts the gala and Ansel tries to tell him the truth. It serves as the pilot to I Arlo and it was presented in Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. After Jeromio leaves, Arlo begins singing about life Beyond These Walls, and how much he longs to see and embrace, and to be accepted by everyone in return. Furlecia soon wins, and it was that moment the barn folk realize they've been scammed, to which they start to pursue Tony all over the barn. He wears an off-white t-shirt and pale blue jeans which cuff up to just below his knees, held up by a single pale orange strap and with a hole at the back for his tail to poke through. Posted by ; alice collins trousers; Contrary to what the film may have you believe, her name was left ambiguous because the series is going to reveal more about her. Flashbacks of Arlo's swamp years, as well as ones from Ansel's childhood. Then things took a strange turn. Synopsis. Arlo's actions cause his basket to wobble until it falls into the sewage water, being dragged out of the pipe the following day, and floating right out to sea. The characters from Arlo the Alligator Boy and I Arlo. The story of Arlo, a romantic, rhythmic, red-headed reptile from the bayou, was first imagined over a decade ago by long-time musician and animation story artist Ryan Crego. 2021 | Maturity Rating: 7+ | 1h 32m | Musicals. He's also barefoot. But Edmay GAVE him the info, since he would have no idea how to search for it. Bertie reminds Arlo that being different is sometimes the best thing one can be and lets him in on her background as a formally normal person before growing endlessly as she got older. Once off, Alia is worried that she parked the bus in a no parking zone, but the others shrug it off and they leave, not noticing the bus getting towed away behind them. Upon arrival on land, Arlo tries to get used to his new surroundings. Arlo was first seen the night of his birth, abandoned and disowned by his father Ansel and left in the sewers under Bellevue Hospital, until he caused his basket to shake and flow out the pipe into the ocean. Ryan Crego as Jersey Shore Guy/Mailman/Businessman/Little Bittie Louie, Dee Bradley Baker as Seagull/Purple Shirt Guy, Fred Tatasciore as Jeromio/The Beast/Muscly Farmer/Barn Folk 1/Doorman, Michelle McMillan as Shirley Ray/Momma/Cabby, Eric Bauza as Bradley Alouicious/Barn Folk 2/Butler/Photographer, Katherine Palardy as Sandra June/NY Granny/Cat Lady, Phil LaMarr as Willow Button Guy/Gill/Barn Folk 3/Rich Man, Mark Whitten as Lawrence/Barn Folk 4/Robber/Flyer Man/Kid Bully 3, Eric Vesbit as Times Square Commercials/Gasper/Met Gala Announcer, Ana Ortiz as Stroller Mom/Michelle the Interviewer/Rich Woman, Atticus Shaffer as Ice Cream Kid/'Kids Things' Kid/Kid Bully 2. Arlo then ends up in the 50s-style community of Willow Button, where he drives recklessly all over the streets, shocking passersby, before flying out and into Gil's Sweets, where he swallows a large amount of ice cream and experiences a sugar rush. After a heartful advice to follow the voice in his heart when alone, Arlo gets in the rowboat Edme set up for him and she sends him off, and Arlo says his last goodbyes to everyone and everything in the swamp, and Edme sees him off with only Jeromio to keep her company. He often tends to sing his lines or randomly lapse into song mid-sentence. I'm confused why he turned out to be a bird though. I think the mom was just an alligator. June 29, 2022; alpha asher by jane doe pdf; count philipp von bernstorff net worth Imagine being so ashamed of your own child because he brings back trauma of being bullied by children. arlo the alligator boy what happened to his mom. Ascending to the building's penthouse where Ansel is living, Arlo enters and encounters Ansel in person, who is confused upon his appearance. On the night Arlo was born though, he feared Arlo's half-alligator appearance would expose his true form, thus this resulted in Ansel making the biggest mistake of his life, by disowning Arlo and abandoning him into the sewers. Inside, Arlo is cornered by the barn folk and is about to get a beating; he manages to calm them down by introducing himself and saying he's from the swamp. in Manhattan, becoming a successful businessman, receiving the key to his penthouse, meeting the woman who would become Arlo's mother, and ending at Bellevue Hospital on the night of Arlo's birth] . Though the script was changed, Gordy makes a cameo during ". Arlo The Alligator Boy: I Can Lift You Up. Arlo the Alligator Boy is a 2021 American 2D animated adventure musical film directed by Ryan Crego in his directorial debut. Though he is eager to help out with chores, this sheltered Apatosaurus just can't seem to get past his fear of . lol so glad I found this post. IsolationSnailsRejectionAnsel disowning him Im here bc i was wondering why they showed her at all if theyre not going to like reveal who she is? Arlo wakes up, dazed, Tony thinking he got bonked on the head before leaving them be. Arlo shedding will start to make him look more like his dad. He is spotted by various beach folk, attacked by a sea monster, fed by a seagull, among other things. Arlo eventually washes up on a beach near a boardwalk in Brooklyn somewhere, where his friends have spent the night. The film opens with scenes of New York City at night, as a musical number sets the tone . Climbing inside a rowboat and setting off, Arlo says his last goodbyes to Edme, Jeromio, and all the swamp animals and scenery before finally leaving for the outside world. Through tender moments, it teaches important lessons like learning from your failures, always doing your best, and not changing who you are just to make other people comfortable. Arlo is an alligator boy -- a boy who's half-human and half-alligator. Nevertheless, Tony and the others are glad that he's safe with them again, and everyone turns in for the night. Stripping himself of the suit Ansel gave him, he falls into a lake in Central Park and lets it carry him into a sewer grate like what happened to him the night of his birth. Arlo learns the truth about his heritage. The painting that gets shaved into a woman's drink at the Met Gala is based on the self portrait of Vincent van Gogh with a straw hat, which can be found in the Metropolitan Museum of Art itself. Arlo denies that, now that he has a whole group of friends with his dad coming into the picture soon, and Bertie makes a solemn promise that she'll get him to his dad no matter what, but once she does so, it'll be time for her to move on. He and Bertie are the only two characters to appear in all of the episodes. I'll start! Outlast. When Edme calls him back, Arlo realizes he forgot to get the ingredients for her stew, and is thus forced to grab a variety of random swamp foliage, including a snail which he hates; when Edme is suspicious, he is forced to taste its underbelly to his displeasure. [8], The streaming series I Heart Arlo was released on Netflix on August 27, 2021, consisting of 19 episodes. He also has Arlo switch his regular swamp clothes for a loose-fitting suit that's too big for him. Bertie has the utmost confidence in Arlo to learn the truth about Ansel. Michael J. Woodard The opponent soon softens and accepts him as one of them, but the second Arlo mentions he's really from New York City, the barn folk turn against him again and return to the attack, just before Bertie comes in to save him. Arlo follows after him and manages to get his full attention, but before Ansel could tell Arlo the truth they are rudely interrupted by Ruff, Stucky and the Beast, who outnumber them. It's also his most recognizable. Character Information Season 2 will center around the mystery of Arlo's mother. "Right before the record came out, my mother passed away," he says. This Arlo the Alligator Boy film and I Heart Arlo series are formatted in Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. Now that she's gone, the animals are now friends with him. Arlo tells Bertie about the issue with Ansel and because of such, doesn't even know who he is now, and probably never will. In North Carolina, the bus pulls up before the aquarium where Marcellus is held. Click here to view the gallery for Arlo Beauregard. But the hunters refuse to give up, and vow to follow after them. They showed the mom for like a split second but her face was blacked out. Arlo, Bertie, Tony, Furlecia, Alia, Marcellus, The next antagonist will be racist to non-humans, Arlo's crocodilian appearance is because he has the same condition as. [7] Writing for Pajiba, Kristy Puchko said the LGBT representation in the film was "not only welcomed but groundbreaking", and gave praise to the storytelling, characters, and animation. Edme understands his sadness, as it's all natural for people his age. . Edme coming to visit Seaside By The Seashore and meeting Arlo's friends. Biography. Astounded by the sight of it and the various nice people partying aboard, Arlo imagines himself mingling with them and becoming famous. maybe the lady was arlo's biological mom and she cheated on Ansel so that's why he was surprised by how arlo looked. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. 5 Jun. So when Arlo falls into a river and finds himself . November 12, 2020. Arlo Beauregard is the main protagonist of the Netflix film Arlo the Alligator Boy and its sequel series, I Arlo. Since it's apparently getting a TV show. Just before Arlo could break out his desire, Edme goes ahead of him and declares it's time to leave the swamp for his real home in the outside world. Jeromio, Arlo's frog from the swamp, also comes to live with him. Thanks to Alia not driving, the bus ends up disturbing some of the citizens before parking. 1. He is a young Apatosaurus living with his parents. Arlo realizes that even if he did leave the swamp, it is always a part of him on the inside; he asks the Bog Lady for forgiveness, but she refuses and resorts to eating them. I guess a bird person can get an alligator child because mom is an alligator and because genetics. When Arlo asks everyone to come with him, Bertie lets him know this is his journey and it's time they depart. Untitled Mlanie Laurent Project. In a mid-credit's scene, the mailman whom Arlo scared off in Willow Button comes to the doorstep of Edme's shack, only to be scared away again when she bursts out suspiciously, thinking the Feds have come. They share a final group hug and Arlo goes on his way, but Tony lets them know he won't get to see his dad unless he gets past the doorman. My theory is that, upon giving birth to Arlo, she had no choice but to abandon him and go into hiding for certain circumstances. The only one who liked him was Jeromio, a frog Arlo befriended and kept as a pet. In the end, Arlo learns the value of friendship and to accept his uniqueness as an alligator boy, after choosing to reject his rich father's offer to live luxuriously with him (a rather Hercules-esque move by Arlo). He begs Arlo for forgiveness, which Arlo immediately accepts, and the two officially reunite. Hearing something suspicious, she bursts out of the shack, only to spot Arlo on the porch catching sight of her, and she coos, "Well rickety biscuit.". Ansel's members may be bird people like him. Coming exclusively to Netflix on Friday, April 16, Arlo the Alligator Boy will also serve as the backdoor launch of an upcoming Netflix kids' show called I Heart Arlo. Sandra June and Bradley, the couple from Willow Button that Arlo scared off, can be seen driving their car along the coast at the beginning of the beach campout scene. Ansel initially accuses Arlo of ruining his project, but Arlo says he does get what Ansel went through and risked everything to be with him. no i just watched it all no new lore or info is in the show its just restoration seagulls and bog lady, ur overthinking it bro but i wondered the same thing hence searching for this post. In this exclusive clip for Fatherly (watch above! Bertie wonders what Arlo's dad looked like, and Arlo begins losing hope as there's too many people in the city, just before an interview appears on the big screen of One Times Square. Edme gives him his birth wristband on his fifteenth birthday and reveals to Arlo that he is from New York, and unaware that he was actually abandoned, Arlo decides to travel to the city to find his biological father, Ansel Beauregard. To reunite with his father (succeeded)To find his way home (succeeded) Arlo then shows the crew the page on New York he kept, and asks them to take him there. Arlo has never known who his father is; after being left in a basket in a swamp and being embraced by a presumed mother, an older Arlo . Arlo understands her sadness and encourages her to express her feelings like him -- by singing. Just before Ansel's interview appears on the big screen in Times Square, there is a brief report of Marcellus' breakout from the aquarium, aptly titled "Fish Flops Free".
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